Sillydillo (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)

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Note: This page will primary talk about the main boss agents Sillydillo in Originull Wasteland, as his mini-boss fight in Redgar Forbidden Lands is made easier.

And you all though Pyribbit was the master of "Stalling".

Sillydillo is an antagonist/boss fight of Kirby and the Forgotten Land and is one of the four members of the Beast Pack, he serves as the main boss of Originull Wasteland, the fifth/penultimate world of the game, is the main boss of Collector in the Sleepless Valley which is the fifth/final stage of Originull Wasteland and is the twenty-fifth level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land and is overall the fifth boss of the game, Sillydillo is later on re-fought as a mini-boss in the thirtieth stage of the game "Gathering of the Beast Council", which is the fifth/third-to-last stage of the sixth/final world of the game, Redgar Forbidden Lands.

Al tho not one of the most hated bosses in the Kirby series, Sillydillo has been infamous by Players for his qualities and high difficulty, and is often considered as the hardest boss in the game.

Why This Boss Is Silly

  1. While uneck, Sillydillo's design can be considered a bit underwhelming to some fans, despite being the boss of the penultimate level of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, its just a simple amrodillo, this can be seen as disappointing if compare to the previous games fifth boss such as Grand Doomer from Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Dedede Clone from Kirby: Planet Robobot (who was also terrible due to being a clone of King Dedede).
    1. This also adds some miss potential, seeing as the level is a dessert with stones and rocks, the main boss could have ether been a large rock/stone golem or even a snake-like creature, but instead, its an amrodillo.
  2. Sillydillo is a huge difficulty spike, while it is the main boss of the penultimate stage of the game, Sillydillo is only the fifth main boss.
  3. Sillydillo has a vriaty of difficult-to-avoid attacks, one such example is his Rollout attack in his second phase, in which it can not be counter-attack after a dodge.
  4. One of Sillydillo's attacks is catching Kirby in a cage and shaking him dealing damage, and even worst, is that if the player fails to make Kirby escape the cage, Sillydillo will end the attack by slamming the cage on the ground, and will defeat Kirby in one hit, yeah...a boss can defeat Kirby in one hit, and keep in mind, Sillydillo is only the fifth normal boss.
  5. Unlike most bosses, Sillydillo has three-phases.
  6. Perhaps the main reason for Sillydillo's infamy is the fact that much like Pyribbit of Kirby: Triple Deluxe (who Ironically, is also the boss of the fifth/penultimate stage with an underwhelm design), most (if not all) of his attacks drag on way too long, and one of the missions for Sillydillo is to beat him in less then two minutes, this, couple with the fact that Sillydillo's attacks drag for way too long, and the fact that the abilities that the stages hands out (Bomb, Hammer, and Needle) don't deal that much damage, makes this boss incredible tedious for 100% completion.
  7. Sillydillo has a lot of HP, having a grand total of 1800 HP in total.
  8. Sillydillo's harder version, Phantom Sillydillo is even worst, as he has more powerful attacks that are even harder to dodge and has even more health.
  9. Overall, Sillydillo feels more like a near end-game boss, rather then be a normal boss.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While a bit underwhelm, Sillydillo's design is pretty cool, and even his name's kind of cleaver.
  2. Sillydillo's stage and atmosphere is cool looking.
  3. The standered boss music is catchy.
  4. There are some funny moments though out the battle, such as the cut-scene before the third phase.


  1. On the third/final streak of Sillydillo's Rollout attack, he will be left open for some powerful attacks.
  2. If you unlock Sword's second/penultimate upgrade, Meta Knight Sword, use that agents Sillydillo, it can do great damage, and also you can use its Sword Beams to deal damage to Sillydillo from a far.