Snipe Anteator/Cyber Field (Mega Man X7)

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Snipe Anteator (known as Snipe Ariquick in Japan) is one of the 8 Mavericks of mh:crappygames:Mega Man X7, and the boss of Cyber Field.

This level is infamous for being poorly made, as well with a bad level design.

Why They Suck

Cyber Field

  1. For starters, the stage looks horrible, with a really basic and repetitive design, and it's also hard on the eyes, due to the bright colors.
  2. while the stage isn't hard, it can be extremely annoying due to the following:
    • While the first part is pretty straight-foward, the second part is incredibly confusing, since it requires you to use orange plattaforms which teleport you to a zone, in which the gravity is inverted and you are in the ceiling.
    • You must use that mechanic a lot of times to cross through the entire stage
  3. What makes this level's mechanic worst, is that your controls get reversed in this parts: left becomes right and up becomes down and viceversa, making controlling your hunter painful.
  4. The lock-on system doesn't seem to work in the reversed gravity, and those stupid totem enemies from Soldier Stone Kong stage returns (also, they look out of place)
  5. The stage forces you to constantly switch between normal and inverted gravity zones, and there are a lot of dead ends, causing even more frustration
  6. Reploids can be a pain in the ass to find, since many are in weird places that are hard to find, or places where only Axl can enter using his copy abilty

Snipe Anteator

  1. Fighting Snipe Anteator sucks due to the following:
    • The battle takes place in a pipe. However, while X, Zero, and Axl are stuck in the upper half, Snipe Anteator has full mobility in it. Worst yet, he can go to the low part, where they can't hit him, unless the player is using the charged buster shots with X in the Glide Armor
    • Snipe Anteator has some annoying attacks that includes homming missiles and explosive ants, energy waves that are hard to dodge, due to the small space
    • Snipe Anteator's weakness are the weapons of Ride Boarski, weapons that are next to useless, and barely damage him.
    • However, his AI might break and get some free shots, suddenly, the boss becomes... Too easy...
  2. The weapons of Snipe Anteator are extremely awful: they are seeking missiles, but they deal low damage have problems on homing onto the opponents, and as an extra, they dont explode in contact, making you, doubt if the attack even landed on the enemy
  3. His last name is somewhat poorly spelled due to having an O instead of an E next to the t and r.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Anteator's design is pretty good. His Japanese voice is good and his American voice it's not as bad (compared to others).
  2. Decent Soundtrack.
  3. His Weapons are very effective against Wind Crowrang, so they ain't totally useless.