Sophia (Temtem)

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Sophia is a character from Temtem, and its the first Dojo Leader the player can fight. She's the Dojo Leader of Arissola, and specializes in Wind and Water-type Temtem.

Why She's Difficult

  1. Unexpected Difficulty Spike: Unlike Pokémon, with the first Gym Leader having two or three pokemon, Sophia will have six temtem that are bound to two types.
    • Granted, the other Dojo Leaders (being Rawiri, Tihani and Yareni) does have six temtem as well, but they're fought much later.
  2. Unless you caught a Ganki, and own either a Crystle and/or a Skunch, you will have lots of trouble fighting Sophia.
  3. Type Disadvantage: You don't have many temtem's types that can be helpful against Sophia, unless traded.
    1. Even then, toxic-type temtem will have a disadvantage toward wind-type ones.
  4. All of Sophia's Temtem can give you an hard time.
    1. Her first Temtem is Kalabyss, a Water/Toxic type Temtem. Not only it's very tanky (having 100 base defense), but it also provides synergy to Loali's Urushiol. It also has the following moves:
      1. Aqua Stone, which deals a ton of damage if an earth-type ally is there. Luckily, Sophia doesn't have one. It's also destructive toward Fire, Digital and Earth-type temtem, but unless you traded to get one, you won't have a problem.
      2. Strangle, a neutral-type move that not only causes Kalabyss to miss a turn, but your affected temtem as well (aside from the damage).
      3. Water Blade, which is supereffective toward earth, fire and digital-type temtem (which you don't have at the moment).
      4. Tentacle Whip, which is a kinda strong neutral-type move.
    2. Her second Temtem is Loali, a Wind/Nature-type temtem. Not only its nature-type prevents electric-type moves to hit as a supereffective hit, but it has high special defense as well. It has the following moves:
      1. Toxic Spores, which poisons the temtem for three turns.
      2. Wind Blade, which is a danger to toxic-type temtem.
      3. Urushiol, which has a synergy that inflicts poison if there's a Toxic-type temtem along the user. Considering that Kalabyss is a toxic-type temtem as well, Loali's Urushiol will be able to poison you.
      4. Tenderness, which reduces your attack.
    3. Her third Temtem is Sparzy, an Electric-type temtem. Aside from the fact that you won't have access to Sparzy (until it will be), it has the following moves:
      1. Psychosis, which inflicts the Doom status, which will instantly faints your temtem after four turns.
      2. Tesla Prison, which not only it wrecks Wind, Digital, Mental and Water-type temtem, but also decreases the speed of the damaged temtem.
      3. Held Anger, a powerful neutral-type move.
      4. DC Beam, an electric-type move that can be dangerous.
    4. Her fourth Temtem is Pigepic, a Wind-type temtem. It's not strong, but it has good defenses, as well as the following moves:
      1. Heavy Blow, a rather strong neutral-type move.
      2. Nimble, which increases the target's speed.
      3. Nibble, a neutral-type move.
      4. Scratch, a weak neutral-type move.
    5. Her fifth Temtem is Tuwai. While not rather strong, it has the following moves:
      1. Multiple Pecks, which is a strong neutral-type move.
      2. Wind Burst, a strong wind-type move.
      3. Feather Gatling, another strong wind-type move.
      4. Shrill Voice, which hits all of your temtem. Not helping is its trait Spoilsport, which increases the damage done with multi-target moves.
    6. Her last Temtem is Oceara. Not only it has massive special attack and high speed, but its trait Hydrologist will make sure that its water-type moves deals more damage. And it has the following moves:
      1. Ice Shuriken, a move that can cause cold status (and freeze, if it hits a temtem with cold status).
      2. Tsunami, the most dangerous move that Oceara uses. Not only it benefits from Hydrologist, but if Loali, Tuwai or Pigepic are in the field, Tsunami will gain extra damage and the synergy to cause cold to both your temtem.
      3. High-Pressure Water, a move that has a synergy with a fire-type temtem, which allows it to cause burn status.
      4. Kick, a neutral-type move.
  5. Players that have choiced Houchic will have some difficulties, due to the aforementioned Sparzy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Defeating Sophia rewards you a Surfboard, which allows you to gather Water-type temtem (including Oceara).
  2. If you have a Ganki and/or choiced Crystle as your starter, the battle becomes much easier.
    1. Even better if you equip the Umbrella, which decreases water-type's damage.