Sothis Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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Just when you thought Queen Metroid was worse and Before Pneuma, this came.

The Sothis Spirit Battle is a DLC Legend-Class Spirit Match in the Spirits Mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Which pits the Player Character against a Female Byleth A.I. It is hated and considered one of the worst spirit matches due to the infuriating difficulty.

Why It Will Not Heal Everybody

  1. The Byleth opponent would possibly have a high chance of succeeding the hit towards the player character with the final smash.
  2. Byleth would also heal to full when at high damage, which, (While it makes sense the Byleth would heal), is a Salt-to-the-wound-moment.
  3. Byleth would spam chain her attacks, making it extremely easy to get Ko’d and would give little to no room for the player character to get time to hit her due to the lack of hide spots.
  4. Byleth could also sometimes spam her final smash.
  5. The Range for Byleth is a bit too large

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It is worth sparing from the unbearable pain when getting her spirit, as her spirit ability, Critical-Health Healing ++ is good.


  1. Pick a Spirit that has Jam Final Smash Charge or First-Strike Advantage.


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