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The Babies (Tomodachi Life) page needs to go.
The page has so many problems: Why They Suck They cry. A lot. It can be very aggravating listening to that when caring for them, and can lead to one giving up. (Duh. They are babies) It takes forever to stop trying to cheer up the baby if you play the minigame, and win or lose, all you get is a. . . more
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What's up with this decision?
While I'm allowed to create sandboxes I'm only limited to some Wikis! Wikis like AGW and ICW doesn't allow me to do sandboxes, create pages, blogs or anything else I could do here for some reason, is that normal or there's something else to do in other wikis for that? Comments. . . more
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Gameplay Parts That We Should Add On This Wiki
Jigglypuff (Brawl-SSB4) The Blues (Angry Birds Franchise) Scaredy-shroom (PvZ). . . more
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I was making a page, then Miraheze's stupid glitch occurred and I've invested half an hour of my life in the garbage!!!! I will have to do everything from 0 :c. . . more
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Balan Wonderworld Costumes to add to this wiki:
We already have the infamous Box Fox on this wiki, here are more Balan costumes we should add to this wiki: Lucky Egg—A costume themed after a chicken in an egg that attracts the game’s currency towards you, but you lose it when you fall or jump. It has been made useless by the Lucky Bird. . . more
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Terrible page example
Note: This is a example page, so please, don't take it seriously, you can edit anything you want. Triton the Sea Hydra is a stupid boss in Adventure World it will show how bad and horrible this boss down below and i will tell why he is cancer why he SUCKS SUPER DUPER HARD AND DESERVES TO FUCKING. . . more
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