Speedster Trophy (Gran Turismo 4)

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Speedster Trophy is an Opel One-Make Race in mh:awesomegames:Gran Turismo 4. Only Opel Speedsters can enter. This event is considered not only one of the most difficult event races in the game, but also the entire franchise.

Why They Are Not Speedsters

  1. Your rivals has their horsepower maxed out in terms of performance beyond what it humanly possible most notably with Stage 3 Turbo Kits creating a lot of rubberband AI.
  2. Since this event is only restricted to Opel Speedsters both the NA and the Turbo versions as the name implies, you must drive very careful but not driving too slow due to the aforementioned AI!! because being a lightweight sports car with MR drivetrain, driving recklessly (taking corners in rush in a try to overtake), you will oversteer and spin out which you've completely ruined for the rest of the race and you're forced to restart the race a lot!.
  3. The amount of races is 5!!! "YES!! FIVE RACES!!!" making the event extremely frustrating due to the AI!!!.
  4. Like Vitz/Yaris Race in Professional League from Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec it has lots of sharp corners most notably in Infineon Raceway (Sports Car Course) and as said in the 2# pointer, you must drive very careful or you have a high risk of spinning your car and restarting the race WAY TOO MANY TIMES!..
  5. Due to the rubberband AI almost the A-Spec points is 200!!! indicating that the event is notoriously difficult.
  6. Sometimes even using nitrous it does not help you a lot to win the race no matter if the car is fully tuned or not.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the normal Speedster instead of the turbocharged one because even it has lower horsepower than the turbocharged Speedster, it's lighter and can turn the corners easily. Remember to modify at all with oil change and medium racing compound tires to increase more grip than the Medium Sports tires.
  • It's recommended to maintain the car stable at all costs.