Spring Mushroom (Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2)

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Be honest: this power-up isn't the good part. Even Mario's reaction tells that.

Spring Mario is a form of Mario in the Super Mario Galaxy series. This form can be obtained after obtaining a Spring Mushroom, which wraps a spring around Mario, making him bounce continuously. This power-up is infamous for being nearly impossible to control, which then results in cheap deaths unless using it correctly, and is often considered as one of the worst power-ups in the Mario franchise.

Why It Sucks

  1. The design for Spring Mario is very dumb: It's just Mario in a spring!
  2. When obtaining this power-up, Mario bounces around continuously, making him very hard to control them when using it.
  3. Because of the power-up being hard to control, it often results in cheap deaths if you're not using it correctly.
  4. Aside from ground pounding, Mario is not able to attack enemies or defeat bosses.
  5. Mario's controls can sometimes be slippery at times due to it being hard to control.
  6. Luigi's slippery tractions make the power-up usage slightly worse.
  7. Even worse, the sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 decides to return the Spring Mushroom once in the Chompworks Galaxy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is useful for jumping high to higher ledges that Mario wouldn't.
  2. Despite being very hard to control, it grants him the power to climb up steep inclines.
  3. You can wall-jump quicker than without having a power-up, meaning that this power-up can be pretty useful at times.


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