Stug (Warframe)

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The Stug is a weapon from Warframe. It's a Grineer automatic pistol that can shoots corrosive blobs with the ability to stick to surface and hold fire to create a larger blob.

Stug is widely infamous amongst Warframe players for being the worst weapon in the game.

Why the neat concepts are wasted like this weapon? And why it didn't got reworked, buffed or removed?

Why it Sucks

  1. The weapon itself is very weak, doing barely raw damage to kill enemies.
    • The weapon doesn't have impact, puncture or slash damage, and mods that increases damage of those three doesn't add to the count.
  2. The gimmick of the weapon is that blobs can be stacked to increase damage. However, it sucks for many reasons:
    1. Stug's ammo per mag is 20, and has 210 rounds, which is not useful.
    2. The weapon can already fire a large version by alt-fire.
      • Speaking of Alt-fire, it costs 6 ammo per charged shot.
    3. Blobs can only have 10 stacks. After 10 stacks, the blobs won't increase damage.
    4. The blob's impact is unable to deal status effects.
  3. Alt-fire charges very slowly, which doesn't help.
  4. Corrosive damage, while useful to strip Grineer and certain Corpus/Infested's armor, is very ineffective toward enemies with proto shields (such as Ambulas, Sergeant and Alad V)
  5. The blobs has travel time, going on an heavy arcing.
  6. Abysmal critical chance and damage.
  7. The weapon doesn't have good status chance, and can only deal procs with explosions.
  8. The explosion deals self-damage.
  9. Stug's design leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. Because of the aforementioned problems (travel time, weakest raw damage, bad status chance, awful critical damage/chance, self-damage explosions and relying on a gimmick that can't be stacked beyond 10), Stug is extremely useless on many mission.
  11. Extremely wasted potential: Stug's gimmick of firing blobs could be reworked by letting the blobs bounce once one is stacked to 10 blobs, or cause explosions to release a corrosive mist.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The weapon's concept is very neat, although not executed well.