Super Weapons General Challenge (Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour)

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The Super Weapons General Challenge is one of the eight general’s challenges players can take part in Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. In this challenge, the player must use their selected general to attempt to vanquish General Alexis Alexander, a 4 star general of the US Marines who masters in super weapons and advanced technology.

Why It sucks

Note: This article will mainly focus on hardest difficulty of this challenge.

  1. Unlike other general’s challenges which give you a short period of time to build up, General Alexander will attack almost immediately, sending three A-10s and three RAH-66 Comanches to bombard your base.
    • This could potentially end the challenge before it could even begin.
  2. Like ever other general’s challenge, you start with nothing but a construction unit and a command center. However, Alexander starts with THREE Particle Cannons.
    • Unlike most other challenges, where the opponent’s super weapons have an extended countdown, her Particle Cannons have the normal 4 minute countdown.
    • This means that your buildings will be demolished very frequently. Thankfully she will only have one activated in the beginning, and will only activate the other two after the first and second strike.
  3. The battle wages over a Mediterranean map, therefore her base and yours are separated by islands.
    • if you play as either an American or Chinese general you’ll have to rely on air transport to bring your troops to her base and strike out. Which is easier said than done as Alexander has scattered EMP Patriot missile systems all over the map, which can disable vehicles and one-shot air units.
    • Things are even worse with the Chinese tank general who has NO artillery units to outrange the EMP Patriots.
  4. Besides her super weapons, Alexander will mainly rely on air power to attack you.
    • While the Comanches can be easily dispatched, her A-10s are far more annoying, as they have very high health and will frequently target your high value assets (such as supply center or tech building).
    • She can also build Aurora Alpha Bombers, which can not only drop extremely powerful fuel-air bombs, but also travel at supersonic speed and cannot be intercepted until they’ve dropped their payload.
    • She’ll also send in Chinooks loaded with troops to bypass your defence and wreck havoc within your base.
  5. Combine all of this and you’ll most likely struggle a lot with this challenge, especially in the beginning, as most of your resources are wasted on recovering damages inflicted by her frequent attacks.
    • Some of your buildings will be destroyed so frequently you'll wonder what's the point of replacing them anyway.
  6. Overall the challenge gives off a feeling a cheapness and victory depends more on exploiting the weakness in the opponents AI, rather than careful strategic planning.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are methods to fend off the initial attack and minimize damages from Particle Cannon strikes and Aurora Alpha bombardments (See Strategy section below).
  2. Her Particle Cannons and Command Center will not be rebuild after they’re destroyed, so you can cut off the Particle Cannon attacks and A-10 strikes for good.
  3. While is true that General Alexis Alexander has a good firepower, some of her defenses are poorly built, mostly on one of her particle cannon and her supply center.
  4. Some mods such as Contra or Shockwave adds a bridge connecting the opponent’s base to your island. Shockwave also gives you three AA turrets which can be garrisoned by soldiers to make things easier.
  5. If you play as a GLA general, you start off with the Sneak Attack general’s power, allowing you to tunnel straight into her base and give her a taste of her own medicine.


  1. Queue up a few workers and build your defences as soon as you unlock them, so if you play as the GLA, build your barracks first, if as USA or China, build a reactor first. This will dispatch those pesky Comanches.
  2. Do NOT build your supply center until the first A-10 strike occurred, if not you’ll likely loose it along with most of your resource collectors. Also, don’t build your defences directly in front of the command center, as it will get caught in the A-10s’ line of fire and get demolished.
  3. There are two oil derricks located on the north-western end of your base, that when captured, can at least provide a slow but steady source of economy, as the opponent doesn’t attack there as long as you don’t gather too much troops there.
  4. Build as many cheap exposable buildings such as barracks or reactors towards the front of your base as possible, or simply don’t build them and just leave their scaffoldings in place, this will fool the Particle Cannons and Auroras into attacking them instead of your more important structures.
  5. If you are playing as the GLA, don’t build too many fake buildings, these will only confuse the Auroras but not the Particle Cannons nor the A-10s.
  6. There’s one Particle Cannon that is rather poorly defended. If you focus an attack on it, you can destroy it very earlier and easier than the two found in her base.
  7. The beast strategy against Alexander is to gave her a taste of her own medicine: your own super weapons. Construct your super weapons as quickly as possible and towards the back of your base so they can stay out of harms way, also leave 2 anti-air units there as Alexander will drop off troops here with Chinooks (Even if the Chinooks do land, most of her strike force consist of infantry as Alexander has no tanks, and AA units just happen to be good with infantry). Build two of super weapons if the finance allows, as your tech building (required to build more super weapons) will be one of Alexander’s prime targets.
  8. Alexander's source of economy is rather unstable, as she only has one supply center available to her and a supply drop zone in her base.
    • This means that destroying her isolated but poorly defended supply center early on, could slow down her Aurora Alpha attacks, as these type of bombers are quite expensive and usually never return to base after just one bombing run.
  9. Alexander will also drop off troops at the south-eastern corner of your base, it’s advised to leave some AA units here.