Supply Missions (Spiral Knights)

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Supply Missions are a subcategory of Prestige Missions in Spiral Knights. They involve giving a certain item to someone, usually the knights in any depth, the Spiral Headquarters, or to Wegner, the Geo Chief Knight.

Why They Suck

  1. Instead of doing normal exploration, you require to give the specified items to knights, Spiral HQ or Geo Chief Knight Wegner.
    • This point is driven by the fact that two out of the three prestige missions you receive are exploration-related.
  2. Supply Delivery is a pointless mission, as all you do is giving a Compact/Standard/Deluxe Supply Pack to a special research team. While this sounds like a neat idea, the problem is that Supply Packs costs crowns, and serves no other purposes outside this mission.
    1. Supply Packs also comes in a large amount on the Auction Hall for bidding, but they require a massive amount of crowns to even bid.
    2. Depending on the rank, you may need two of the same pack, which is annoying.
  3. Monstrous Research is decent, but sometimes you need to trade 5* materials (aKa Crests of Ur, Everfrosts, Dragon Scales, Flame Souls, Philoso Feathers, Plasma Cells, Plague Essences, Primal Ore, Reaper Ribs, Royal Cores, Royal Skevers, Shadow Steel, Silverweaves, Storm Chasers, Sun Silver and Volcanic Ore), and considering that the mentioned materials are only found during tier 3's depths, you will struggle to get those (especially if you happen to not own armor and helmets that increases a specific defense).
    • It's also not worth wasting materials, as most of the strongest equipment requires at least a 5 star material
  4. Geological Survey is decent, but it's pathetically easy, since you need to trade a certain number of two minerals. Considering that the players in a party gets the same amount of minerals, and that you have a chance to get large amount of them, it makes this mission a complete joke.
  5. Arms Appropriation, compared to the other three, is the worst, especially at Champion/Vanguard levels. Basically, you have to trade away your weapon. Not only is a waste of orbs, materials and crowns for building this weapon, but it's also a big waste of heat, as 4* and 5* weapons requires respectively a level 5 3* weapon and a level 10 4* weapon to be built. AND FOR WHAT REWARD? PRESTIGE?
    • Not to mention, Orbs of Alchemy are more rare (with the exception of Eternal Orbs of Alchemy, which are less rare at the last depths), so you waste even more time, trying to find orbs to build weapons.
    • You also require to have the recipes for the respective weapon (which are either found at random for purchase or on the hall of champion, the strongest equipment being 25k crowns per recipe).
    • Speaking of which, the mission says that the knights that are rescued from the gremlins had their weapons stolen by them and/or damaged to prevent escape attempts. However, this is pretty hypocritical, considering that the knights we rescue during missions such as "The Great Escape" has swords that aren't damaged at all.
    • Also, no matter what weapon you trade, the knights that are rescued doesn't wield the weapon traded, making this mission completely POINTLESS.
  6. All of those missions doesn't benefit you at all: Supply Delivery forces you to buy Supply Crates (which causes you to lose crowns, the Deluxe Supply Crates being the most expensive ones at 6250 crowns), Geological Survey requires minerals that are found very easily, Monstrous Research takes away materials that are hard to find, and Arms Appropriation takes a weapon that may help you for a mission. And the fact that the only reward you get for all that is just prestige, is a red flag (a massive one if the mission in question is Arms Appropriation).
    • Even Danger Missions, despite being hard, gives parts to explore, and they have enemies.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Both Monstrous Research and Geological Survey gives decent amount of prestige points.
  2. Event materials such as Fiendish Glyphs, Shadow Lair materials and/or Seerus Mask Fragments aren't counted toward Monstrous Research, saving the trouble to gather them.