Tails/Eggman Second Battle (Sonic Adventure 2)

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Tails/Eggman Second Battle (Sonic Adventure 2)
What have you done with this fight? We'll never forgive you for this!
Type: Boss
Appearance: mh:awesomegames:Sonic Adventure 2
Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog

The Tails/Eggman Second Battles are bosses from Sonic Adventure 2, the boss fight is against either Tails (in the Dark Side of the story) or Eggman (in the Hero Side of the story) and are the seventh and second-to-last bosses of both the Hero and Dark Side of their respective Story Modes. These battles are widely infamous for their cheap difficulty.

Why Theses Fights Will Never Be Forgiven

  1. Huge difficulty spikes.
  2. Unlike the first battle, there are no rings, so you can't replenish your health.
  3. Despite the lack of rings, your opponent can spam their high special attacks as much as they want, said moves you can only do in multiplayer to begin with.
  4. In the middle of the arena, there's a bomb you can use to inflict high damage to your opponent, but it can also damage you. This is not recommended as they're wise enough to not go around it, so you will get hurt most of the time.
  5. They just won't stand still, evading your homing shots as a result. When they do stand still, they'll bombard you with attacks, they bomb rush you like a bull, giving you no room to breathe.
  6. The stage is very small, hard to maneuver around it without getting eviscerated since it doesn't work well with controls that much. Then, take into account...
  7. That freaking Power Laser Attack! When a fourth of their health bar is depleted, they'll always use it every single time they attack them along with pepper-spraying bullets just to stun you into it and to keep you from stopping the attack. Its towering size with just as much damage and priority is just icing on the cake. Did we mention it lasts long enough for you to get hit twice by it?
  8. When playing the Hero Story, Eggman will have the Protection Armor, meaning that he will take less damage from your attacks. Tails himself doesn't gain armor in his levels, making the Doctor that much more infuriating, because Tails alone was just too easy, piece of cake.
  9. Both of them have their upgraded homing shots, dealing more damage and better accuracy. In their case, they're more effective than your same upgraded homing shots, putting you in a big disadvantage.
  10. If you thought one battling one of them is bad enough, it gets worse as you gotta face the other in whatever side you chose AND a Boss Rush mode for the Hero, Dark and both sides combined + the last two final bosses, Tails/Eggman also included for a combined total of four fights in that mode alone! Lose all of your lives, and you have to restart the entire ordeals all over again!!!
  11. No clear way to get the hang of it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The atmosphere is pretty sick: You're fighting Tails/Eggman in a space station in the middle of space.
  2. Tails is somewhat easier as you can get Eggman's Protection Armor in Cosmic Wall, his last level and the level before this fight, so he'll take a bit more damage and vice-versa.
  3. Tails' line before you battle him: "Sonic asked me for the first time to do something for him. I won't let him down, I won't give up!"


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