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Here's another bad ending I know of: the "Injustice 2" Superman ending of the "Story Mode", where Superman reestablishes the Regime, kills Brainiac, releases the many aliens trapped in Brainiac's collection to conquer the entire DC Universe, turns Batman into a mindless cyborg slave, and threatens to do the same to Supergirl.

That's basically pretty wicked, and actually punishes the player for choosing Superman's side. The silver-lining at least is that this ending is non-canon, because canonically, he gets imprisoned into the Phantom Zone.

But boy, in this game, Wonder Woman is a complete monster, even more so than the Joker and Superman combined, because she comes close to MURDERING poor Harley Quinn, is a murderous psychopath who will murder anyone who gets in her way, and IS the one who's responsible of corrupting Superman into a cruel tyrant.