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There is so much wrong with this article I made an account just to comment. Basically everything on this list is kind of a horrible reason to dislike something but this one in particular made me quite mad.

"This fight requires no skill to beat as it eats up your time by requiring strategizing, memorization, trial and error just for one encounter."

How are you gonna say that those things are not indicative of skill? Should every challenge in a game require no learning curve to it and just be handed on a silver platter? Is the logic, I died therefore the game is bad? This is like that game journalist who couldnt beat the tutorial in cuphead all over again...

I will say one thing about this fight, the game is extremely easy to play (which is no problem) throughout the entirety of the game. Then right at the end the difficulty spikes insanely hard on this fight. I think the game should have built up a difficulty curve to better prepare you for this fight.