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Does a hard fight mean it's "bad"?

Darealyosubaby (talkcontribs)

To preface, I'm not a competitive gamer and I don't take this shit very seriously. At the end of the day, gaming is a hobby to me, and I don't really care how someone else plays a game. Hell, most of the time I play games on easy, because for me, gaming is medium where I can relax.

So, here's my thing about this article... Cynthia isn't a bad fight. Not by a long shot. Is she a hard battle? Of course, considering she is the final boss in DPPT, after all. I'd be more surpised if she was easy.

So, what? Someone forgets to bring a ice type to deal with Garchomp, thus the fight is "bad"? Can't counter Milotic (which... is not that hard, just bring a Blissey or your bog standard grass type, and you're golden.) so the fight is "atrocious"? Even as casual as I am as a gamer, I am a veteran of rpgs (ie, SMT, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and other Square RPGS), and Cynthia is by far not a bad fight. She's just diffucult.

I don't mean any harm by any of this, and I don't mean to judge anyone with my comments. Again, I play most games on the easy -- throwing stones in glass houses. I'm the guy playing most horror games on the piss-easy dumbass baby mode, so I can't really call anyone out, lmao.

But to make a long comment short, can someone explain why Cynthia is here? I've read the article -- and the other Pokemon boss articles on this site -- and I'm just really curious.

Augustborn1996 (talkcontribs)

Well personality.....I don't think so, I mean look at the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, she's also super hard but still an incredible final boss, I honestly don't think that Cynthia should be here given of how much fans seem to love her final boss battle.

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