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The strategy that I used against Hydreigon is Haxorus. How exactly? Start the battle with Haxorus(which also means that you'll need to start your battle against N with Haxorus, too). Ghetsis will start with Cofagrigus. Use Dragon Dance twice and KO Cofagrigus with Dragon Claw or whatever. Its ability Mummy won't hamper you at all. Ghetsis should use Hydreigon next. Don't switch out. One-hit KO it with Dragon Claw, thanks to your 2x D.Dance boost to Atk and Spd, and that's it really! 2X D.Dance is enough to outspeed it. You shouldn't worry about damage, because: Haxorus has MONSTROUS 147 Base Atk. stat,  2 D.Dances double your attack stat,  Dragon Claw has good 80 BP, which is also STAB, so it becomes 120. All of that hits Hydreigon harder than a table leg, hitting your pinkie

Jellicent works great too. Ghost/Water typing gives it resists and immunities to Fire Blast, Surf and Focus Blast. Its bulk should be more than enough to survive D.Pulse(s). Use Ice Beam or Blizzard to deal damage to Hydreigon. You can also try using Recover or Night Shade to either stall out or finish it off, but it all depends if Hydreigon survives or not