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This boss has no reason to exist. It's like the devs made an early alpha stage of a secret boss and then just kept it in. How is any of this fight fair at all? It's not satisfying or fun at all. I don't feel like I defeated a worthy opponent, I feel like I exploited the broken AI to all hell until it cracked and did something it shouldn't have. Anyone who proudly brags about beating this disaster of a boss shouldn't feel proud, all they did was overpower flawed programming with pure luck.

I can think of one thing, just one simple thing, that would make this boss somewhat tolerable. Make it so (other than the phase 3 special) they don't keep chucking Auto Bombs at you. Getting rid of that one thing would make the entire boss so much more bearable and make room for some amount of strategic thinking rather than constant, spastic panic attacks.

But no, that will never happen, because this is a big name Nintendo game, and once they decide on the mechanics of a boss it will never get changed or fixed. So we are stuck with this terrible, miserable pile of fake difficulty.