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Heres what I would do if I were to make this battle.

After Lucien falls of the ledge from being shot by the Hero (or Reavel), we get an actul animated cutscene, in which Reavel will say, "Wow, that was, shale we say... anticlimatic."

But just then, Lucien pops out-of-know-were, flying with a white arora around him as he says in a more robotic voice "Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Fool! Did you really think you had me?! Well your wrong! I manage to aquier enough power from your freinds to become an all powerful being!! And thanks to your foolisnes of shoting me with a bullet, which gives me even more strength, I AM EVEN MORE POWERFUL THEN EVER BEFORE!!!! Face it fool, you were aways less superiour then me! Now, I shale lay wast to this pathatic Earth as I planed, AH HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!".

Then Lucien flys off, preparing to lay destruction around the world.

The woman will wake up and say: Oh no! What will we do now?!?

The main Hero then looks down with determanation as he/she makes a fists with his/her right hand, he/she then gets flash backs, remebering all of the horrable things that Lucien as done to his/her life for out the enrty adventure. Then out-of-no-were, transforms into his/her own super form, as he/she flys to take on Lucien, preparing to get the revange on him for all the pain and misery he/she went through because of Lucien.

The boss battle takes place in the sky, with it is all dark and stormy.

Lucien has the fallowing attacks. He can fire lighting balls from his hands, can conker lighting bolts to fall from the sky, can charge at full force while covered in lighting, can unleash lighting shock waves from all over himself, can summon lighting birds enemies and can fire a massive lighting beam by combining his hands togeter.

To defeat Lucien, the Hero must deflect his lighting balls with his/her new found lighting sheild, which will stun him, thats the Hero's  chance to attack him with his/her new found lighting sword, every blow delivered will cause Lucien to grunt and scream in pain, he has a lot of health so it will be a long battle.

After being left with one HP, Lucien will yell out "You can't stop me!" as he fires a devastating lighting beam at the hero, who then fires his/her own lighting beam, which cross the beams, Lucien trys to push back the hero's power, but it was too much, as the hero's lighting beam overpowers Lucien's lighting beam and this, defeating him, as he falls down to the ground.

We then cut to earth a near bech setting with rocks, the Hero will slowy fly back down to the ground, as Lucien (who is in bad condition) slowly gets up on his feet, and as the Hero walks towreds Lucien, he will say "Curses! All of my powers are gone! This can not be! How did I lose someone as pathatic as a kid!? No matter! I will regain my powers, and there is nothing you can do to...", right before he cold finish off his lines, the Hero will grab Lucien by the chest as he/she slams him down a to the ground, Lucien will then get a fear looking expresion on is face, as the Hero charges up his/her right hand with electrisity, he/she will say his/her very first lines "Will you.. shut... the fuck... UP?!?" then the Hero her slams down his/her own hand down on Lucien's chest, we hear Lucein scream in both aggony and pain, as he says "NOOOOOOOO!!! THIS CAN NOT BE!!!!! I...I....I........", then he/she creates a lightings word, and staps it right into Lucien's face, we then he even more of Lucien's screams in agony and pain, then Lucien explodes as he screams out "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", then the Hero's freinds came running down the ally, seening the hero whos face is convered in blood, then dramatic music plays as Reavel say "Sweet jezzis what the heck happen to you?!?" The Hero does not say a word, but only turns his/her head at Reveal, for which the first time, we see fear in Reval, now regreting all of the things he had did, he says: "Oh, well uh........ never mind, I don't want to know.", then the ending sequyince plays.

Now thats a final battle if I do say so myself.