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S/M Ver:

Best counter to Kommo-O, that I've noticed so far is Aegislash. It's the only Pokemon that ignores Fighting, while resisiting heavily against Dragon and Steel moves. Has good Atk and S.Atk Stats. The only issue is that it can't deal any supereffective attack aside from Aerial Ace, which is only 60 BP. You can boost with Swords Dance once or twice and it can resolve the issue a bit.

Primarina works really great in S/M too, thanks to it's Water/Fairy typing, being immune to Dragon, resist Fighting and neutral to Steel-type.

US/UM Ver.

Yeah, tough luck, no counters, only checks.

Primarina w/ Focus Sash works great, although Poison Jab and Thunder Punch could KO it. If Primarina didn't kill, you can try finishing it off with non-resist priority move(i.e. First Impression,Sucker Punch and Accelerock won't work), like E.Speed Arcanine/Lucario or Shadow Sneak Aegislash/Mimikyu.

Mimikyu works great w/ Focus Sash, although not as well as against U.Necrozma. Play Rough + Shadow Sneak could KO it possibly, but it depends on stats and luck. Again, if it didn't kill it, use non-resist priority

Magearna can also help you out here in S/M or US/UM. Fleur Cannon murdes Kommo-O, thanks to STAB and Expert Belt/Life Orb, as well as it's 130 BP. But you can only get her/it via trade from someone who already beat the game