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The funny thing about Ultra Necrozma that I noticed, is that it actually does have counters, unlike Totem Kommo-O(only checks, US/UM Moon ver., as S/M ver. has a counter: Aegislash): Bisharp with either Zoom Lens(increase crit ratio) or Focus Sash(not sure if it actually needs it). It's Dark/Steel typing ignores STAB Photon Geyser and resists STAB Dragon Pulse, as well as Smart Strike and Power Gem and can hit hard with Night Slash(Lv. 49). Of course, you can also play it safe with Focus Sash/Assault Vest/Leftovers/Type Berries(i.e. Occa, Haban, etc.)

Aegislash also works well w/ Focus Sash/Liechi Berry/Petaya Berry, thanks to it's High af Attack and Special Attack stat and priority King's Shield and Shadow Sneak. Ignores Dragon Pulse and resists everything else. Strike it hard with Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball(depending if you have a Physical or Special Aegislash), then go for Shadow Sneak, as it will hit hard, thanks to its base 150 Attack and S.Atk Stats. 

Of course, if you can't get a Bisharp/Pawniard or Honedge line via GTS or Pokemon Bank, another good counter is Mimikyu, but with Focus Sash. Ignores Dragon Pulse and resists everything else. Along with Disguise, you essentially have 2 Focus Sashes. You can either strike it with 2 Shadow Claws, then finish it with Shadow Sneak, or attempt to setup with Swords Dance 1x, then Shadow Claw, then Shadow Sneak. Although, I am not so confident with Swords Dance plan

If the above three mons failed, you still dealt a lot of damage to Necrozma, so you can finish it off with a priority move, like Extreme Speed Arcanine/Lucario(US/UM + PokeBank), First Impression/Sucker Punch Golisopod(MOST recommended), Aqua Jet Bruxish/Primarina(not receommended), Sucker Punch Dugtrio or Shadow Sneak Mimikyu(if you have 2 of 'em). I didn't list items as there are a lot of em that can boost physical attack

Also, additional note, if you have 4 or 5 hearts with your Pokemon in Pokemon Refresh, there's a chance, your Pokemon can tough out and survive a hit, i.e. like w/ Focus Sash 

You can get a Focus Sash from Dancer Julia in Poni Wilds after defeating every trainer in the Wilds

Sorry for the long post, just trying to help out against this beast

P.S: Forgot that Magearna exists. You can also use her/it. Steel/Fairy typing is great against U.Necrozma. Fleur Cannon with Life Orb or Expert Belt beats the living hell out of U.Necrozma. But you can only get her/it via trade from someone who already beat the game