The 13 Sentinel Pilots Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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The irony for this spirit battle: 13 pilots, 1 overwhelming defeat.

The 13 Sentinel Pilots is a spirit appeared in the spirit board event, Sentinels, Gods, and Baseball. This spirit is infamous for featuring 13 R.O.Bs, its battle's difficulty spike, and this spirit's concept having lots of missed opportunities.

13 Reasons Why These Pilots Suck

  1. Ironically, while they are 13 characters in this battle, this one has a difficulty spike, with 13 R.O.Bs pitting a player just to make it look worse than the Power Pro spirit and Zagreus.
  2. This spirit battle should have been placed as a Legend-class spirit than an Ace-class, due to being a very difficult spirit battle and Shield-type spirits only featured one legend-class spirit battle, albeit a support; in this case, the Hero's Comrades.
  3. Having 13 R.O.Bs is a questionable pick, it would have been better if 6 Samuses and 7 Mega Men or 13 Mii Fighters as main fighters or allies; thus making it a missed opportunity. This might be due to the appearance of this spirit featuring giant human robots than actual robots.
  4. Players would have to defeat 13 R.O.Bs for 100 seconds or 1 minute and 40 seconds (1:40), it could have been 3 minutes to make a fair and equal fight.
  5. The battle conditions are very confusing, since players only read "The enemy gets a Sudden Final Smashes", "Allies appearing during the battle" and a "1:40 time limit stamina battle". When in reality, 4 R.O.Bs use Rocket Belts, while 3 groups of R.O.Bs use spammable Robo-Beams, Super Scopes, and Impact Runs.
  6. Speaking of rocket Belts, 4 R.O.Bs could have use its up special, Robo-Burner since that move creates jetpacks and they have the ability to fly.
  7. The R.O.B team are very punishable, since they always spam basic attacks/tilts/specials, etc, thus resulting in getting KO'd and players would waste time in finishing off until they get a powerful spirit to defeat them.
  8. During the Sudden Final Smash, one of the R.O.Bs use Guided Robo-Beam, but it is large due to his size, making the damage and knockback look punishable at best.
  9. The 13 R.O.Bs have 45 HP, while this one looks okay, they should have their HPs nerfed to 35HP.
  10. It is also time consuming for players who use fighters with weak power, like Luigi, Olimar, Duck Hunt, Piranha Plant, or Steve/Alex. It is best to use powerful fighters like Ganondorf, Ridley, King K. Rool, King Dedede, Cloud, Sephiroth, etc.
  11. Sometimes, the Sudden Final Smash pops up nowhere, even during one of the R.O.Bs lowest HP.
  12. It lacks some assist trophies that are themed for piloting, like Wily Capsule or Kapp'n, or those who are associated with robots/artificial beings like Zero and Gray Fox. These are one of the opportunities that should have been in this battle.
  13. When the player defeats this spirit, players can grant it, but it has a heavyweight effect. It could have been a spirit with no effect to make fair reward; thus making it come as pointless.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of pitting a single fighter with 13 fighters as enemies in a single Spirit Battle is cool, but it comes off as terrible for players.
  2. Marionation Gear at least fits the theme of this spirit battle since that music heavily fits around machines and robots.
  3. 13 R.O.Bs with a Famicom (Western) or NES (Eastern) color scheme at least fit the colors of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim itself for this battle.
  4. Fourside makes sense for this spirit battle, since 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim itself takes place in a metropolitan area.


  • It, alongside Zagreus, and Noah and Mio spirits are the only spirits without a series on the top of their names. This is due to them debuting in their respective games featuring higher ratings than Rated Everyone 10+ (in this spirit's case, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim), like the Mii Costumes with mature ratings, such as Altair, Vault Boy, Travis Touchdown, and Doom Slayer not showing their game franchise titles, but rather their names.


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