The 4th Anniversary (Rolling Sky)

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One of the most painful levels a popular mobile game can have.

"The 4th Anniversary" is the 44th level in Rolling Sky. It is the second anniversary level in the game, with the 1st being "Happy Birthday".

While it is a decent level, it resulted some flaws.

Bad Qualities

  1. The level has extremely brutal difficulty that tends to take it all the way to the beginning, as there are obstacles and holes everywhere in the level.
  2. At the end of the level, there is a reverse mode that will easily cause you to fail, even if you worked hard on beating the level. Thankfully, that could be avoided by floating to get past it.
  3. Because of the painful difficulty from the level, some of the gems and even the mystery boxes are easy to get, while it isn't bad, its weird since most of the crowns in Rolling Sky are hard to get.
  4. Even in the easy way, the level is still very hard, with the moving obstacles and holes being everywhere as mentioned before.
  5. Overall, the level is just a Happy Birthday wannabe, but even worse.

Good Qualities

  1. The level isn't that bad, and is decent, though it did have some flaws to be on this wiki.
  2. As mentioned in BQ #2, there is a way you can skip the reverse mode, by simply using the floating.
  3. The level uses some themes from the older levels like Deep Space, Desert, and Tetris. Which can be pretty nostalgic for some people.


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