The Big Setup (Angry Birds Classic)

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The Big Setup is the 4th chapter of the Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Classic.

More like "The Big Messup".


  • The pigs are planning to rebuild their structures and also steal the eggs as well. Also, they've captured the birds Red, Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda & Hal so they cannot interfere, but Terence, the only survivor, embarks on a quest to stop them.

Why Terence Smashed It To Pieces

  1. It is basically a reskin of all the levels in the previous chapters, with the exception of the Skyworld in Danger Above, that is, without any doubt, one of the laziest ideas, even by Angry Birds standards.
  2. The only playable characters are Terence and Hal, as the rest of the birds are held captive by the green pigs.
  3. The levels are lazily made. If you basically grab the levels, make it COMPLETELY ruined and add more pigs, you get "The Big Setup" in a nutshell.
  4. The background is also lazily made, as it has some random things there as well.
  5. The bonus egg level is hard, as like the 3-Star Bonus Level in Trick Or Treat from Angry Birds Seasons it only gives you one bird, which is Terence.
  6. The Skyworld levels are not included in the chapter.
  7. Wasted potential: The idea of the pigs rebuilding their structures are good ideas, but was sadly executed poorly.
    • While Hal gets freed, the rest of the birds do not. It would've been rather clever if the birds got their revenge on the pigs as they're rescued one-by-one.
    • If the pigs can somehow trap the birds, why wouldn't they try it again?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the poor execution, the idea of the pigs rebuilding their structures are good ideas.
  2. The chapter introduces Terence, a new character who can break structures with great force.
  3. At least Hal is playable after freeing him.
  4. The next episode, Ham Em’ High, is a big improvement over this one.


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