The Bladder of Steel Award (Rock Band 2)

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It's Mh:crappygames:Desert Bus but instead you complete Endless Setlist 2 without pausing rather than driving a slow bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas for eight hours in one sitting.

The Bladder of Steel from Rock Band 2 is notorious for being the most sloggiest of all achievements in history. Today, it is one of the hardest achievements in video game history.

Why You Will Suffer A Burst Bladder

  1. The achievement is a whole marathon of several hours of gameplay. 
  2. Your NOT allowed to pause during the game or lose.
    • Pressing the PS button (PlayStation), Guide Button (Xbox) or running out of batteries in your controller counts as pausing the game which prevents the player to get the achievement.
  3. You have to play through all of the songs at ONE sitting without ever pausing. The same applies with the game Desert Bus and it worsens in the pointers #5, #6 and #7.
  4. Calculations show that it can take around SIX HOURS and 15 minutes to finish the whole list.
  5. If you feel that you want to go to your bathroom, get hungry or have a dream in mid-game, tough luck. You must hold your hunger and/or your bladder, the needs to defecate, the dream or otherwise defecate/urinate in your pants, suffer from starvation or suffer from insomnia.
  6. If you live with parents (unless if you're in a young age), this makes the trophy/achievement literally impossible due to your parents (especially mothers) not let you play videogames for over 3 hours or more and forces you to eat, bath, homework or go to bed in order to not get grounded by addiction to videogames.
    • Related with this, there are even occasions that your anxious little brother/sister, cousin or children that doesn't know about videogames wants to turn off your console in mid-game. The same applies with your mother if you neglect to turn off your console and go to bed.
  7. Also you must be lucky because there are even occasions that the console will shut off due to console overheating or power outage. If the game freezes, you're forced to turn off the console.