The Bloat (Binding of Isaac)

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The Bloat is the posthumous version of Peep found in Necropolis and all environments of Chapter 4. The Bloat was also a boss featured in Wrath of the Lamb.

Why This Boss Sucks

  1. The Peepers that bounce since the start of the battle make this boss hard all the time instead of getting harder as it loses health.
  2. Just Like Krampus (Rebirth only) and Gabriel/Uriel, it's hard to dodge its Brimstone attacks. In fact, if you stand beside or in front of it, it will shoot a laser at you!
  3. It spawns Red Creep so far away from its point whenever it lands.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least it cannot shoot its laser upwards, so you can dodge it well by standing upwards. Unfortunately, it jumps upwards if you stay there.
  2. The Aprils Fool Challenge, all bosses are The Bloat, and it's a funny joke since this challenge is understandably hateable, and fans hate The Bloat.