The Chase (Driver 3)

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"The Chase" is the fifth mission of Istanbul and the twenty-third in the game overall. The objective of this mission is chase Calita and kill her. This mission is widely infamous by considering one of the hardest missions not only in the game but of the entire franchise.

Why it Sucks

  1. Calita drives throughout too many alleys and she takes alley corners very well due to Calita's handling being scripted.
  2. Your car in the first chase (Alpine A110) in many occasions can be unstable and this causes you to crash into something which you can lose her.
  3. As mentioned in the previous pointer, ONE SINGLE crash or if you fail to learn the alley's direction Calita takes her alley corners and get ready to restart the mission way too many times (so much as Supply Lines... (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) and the Driving Mission No. 34 (Gran Turismo 4)) because you lose her especially in the bike chase.
  4. Speaking of the bike chase, the bike handles very fast and gives you cheap crashes and/or messing the alleys.


File:DRIV3R - Mission 24 - The Chase (1080p)