The Doctor (Cave Story)

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Who knew medical doctors could be so dangerous?

Fuyuhiko Date, a.K.a The Doctor, is the main antagonist and boss fight of Cave Story. He was a medical doctor that helped Doctor Booster, Itoh and the Sakamoto family in their island's expedition, but his true intentions was to get the Demon Crown (succeeding) and use the mimiga as a weapon. He is the main boss of Balcony, the six and final level of the game (penultimate if the Blood Stained Sanctuary is counted), the second and penultimate boss of that level, and is overall the thirteenth (sixteenth if counting the three optional bosses) and penultimate (fourth-to-last if counting Heavy Press and Balos) boss of the entire game.

Why He Sucks

  1. The Doctor's action are very nasty, and his overall character results as too scary and too dark, even for a game for kids/teens (Which sounds familiar).
    1. He wants to use the Mimigas as living weapons by feeding them red flowers (which causes them to become rabid).
    2. Because he has the Demon Crown, Balrog and Misery are at his service.
    3. During Sand Zone, he orders Balrog to force Toroko into eating a red flower, causing the latter to become rabid and be killed by Quote or Curly. This also marks the death of King by one of Misery's attacks.
    4. He kidnaps the Mimigas to cultivate red flowers, so that he can then feed them to the formers and take over the world.
    5. After being killed and disintegrated by the power of the crystal, he returns as a sort of blood energy, corrupting the core and possessing both Misery and Sue.
  2. Because this fight takes place after the boss fight with Misery, you are most likely in bad shape.
  3. During his boss fight, The Doctor has the red crystal protecting him from attacks. This also includes the Spur, which is the best weapon in the game.
  4. The Doctor constantly teleports during the boss fight.
  5. The Doctor's primary attack is firing energy lasers. Not only do they do high damage, but they can also block your attacks. There are two ways he fires them.
    1. Laser Wave: The Doctor will fire a two-way laser that spins and grows larger.
    2. Laser Barrage: After firing the laser wave four times, The Doctor will unleash sixteen red orbs that cicles out of him and ricochet until they disappear.
  6. The Doctor has lots of HP (about 300), so bring the best weaponry.
  7. His second phase (turning to Muscle Doctor) is kinda lacking and disappointing for two reasons:
    1. He can be hit at almost any point, compared to the first phase.
    2. His only attacks are charging or summoning bats.
    3. Attacking him in this form causes to release red orbs that can damage you, which is kind of cheap.
    4. Considering that this comes after the first phase (where the Doctor was somewhat competent), and that the boss fight itself came after Misery, which was more challenging), is kinda disappointing.
  8. The Doctor has much more health in his second form, and can do even more damage.
  9. If you lose to him at any point, including his second form, not only do you have to redo the Misery fight, but you also have to redo the Doctor fight all over again.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even despite his actions, he is memorable.
  2. The way he comes back to possess the island's Core is very cool.
  3. Playing Cave Story in the Wii U verson makes this battle more bearable, as you have Save Slots.
  4. Both of the Doctor's designs are good.
  5. Both of the Doctor's themes (Eyes of Flame and Charge) are good, both the original and remastered ones (even if Eyes of Flame is also shared with other bosses).