The Erchius Mining Facility (Starbound)

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The Erchius Mining Facility is a quest on Starbound, unlocked after repairing the ancient gate with 20 core fragments and entering the outpost. The player needs to enter the Erchius Mining Facility to obtain an Erchius Crystal to repair the ship.

We get that challenge is necessary... But don't place heavy difficulty at the start.

Why It Sucks

  1. You require at least decent armor and weaponry, in order to manage to survive. However, due to the fact that it's thrown at you right after the start, you may not know that.
  2. It's part of the main quest, so you have to complete it to continue the story.
  3. Enemies can use a ranged attack that deals heavy damage, which is a problem at the start.
  4. During the mission, you're told by SAIL that there's radiation levels. However, you won't face any of that.
  5. During the last part before the boss, you have to fight infected lunar miners, which are armed with weapons.
  6. The boss, Erchius Horror, has some problems as well:
    1. It cannot be damaged at all, unless with a cannon that requires four levers to be activated.
      • You have to do this action three times.
    2. Its only attack is firing a beam that deals heavy damage, which is bland.
    3. Enemies will spawn during the boss fight.
  7. The boss's drop, despite being good, has only a 1% chance to be dropped
  8. The reward, compared to what the weapon chest offers you after defeating the boss, is kinda lackluster (althought a manipulator module, a tech card or an upgrade module are kinda useful).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Erchius Horror's design is pretty awesome.
  2. You can use mods to either make the quest more easier or optional.
  3. The boss' drop, Erchius Eye, is a good starting weapon.
  4. The atmosphere is pretty dark and scary, which is nice.