The Raptors (Warframe)

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The Raptors are the bosses from Europa, on Warframe. They're heavy-armored Ospreys, each one with their own arsenal. After their rework, the Raptors became notorious amongst the Warframe community for being the hardest hitting boss.

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They are big, frustrating and annoying, here comes the Raptors.

Why they Suck

  1. Unlike any other bosses, The Raptors will always respawn after their death, which means if you can't drop the bomb in the conveyor opening in time, the fight will continue over and over.
  2. A new player will fail the first few of bomb drops, because while the Lotus guides you throught the process, the communicaitions arrive after the bomb has exploded.
  3. The bomb dropped by a defeated Raptor deals damage to the player, if they're too close when it explodes.
  4. There's three Raptors, and each one is unique:
    1. The first one, the Raptor NS, uses an explosive mortar barrage attack, which can be very hard to avoid. The bombs even damages you through a wall.
    2. The second one, the Raptor MT, will spawn Nemes RT, drones that can deal a huge amount f damage quickly, especially during Sorties. And if you destroy a Nemes RT, the Raptor will spawn another one soon after.
    3. The final one, the Raptor RV, will release an heavy stream of laser beams, that can deal tons of damage and hit instantly even the other side of the map. Luckily, you can hide, and there will be a sound when this attack is coming.
  5. Once a Gravity Conveyor is destroyed, Elite Crewmans, Detron Crewmans, Sapping Ospreys and Shield Ospreys will begin flooding the arena. Detron Crewmans and Sapping Ospreys especially because they can deal unexpected heavy damage.
  6. Did we mention that you have to destroy 3 gravity conveyors?
  7. Despite being optional, you will still get marked by Stalker.
  8. It used to be difficult, for the reason that it was a requirement for the Saturn Junction.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. They drop the parts of Nova, one of the most versatile warframes in the game, making the fight really worth it.