The Sergeant (Warframe)

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The Sergeant is a boss from Warframe. Is a Corpus in charge of the corpus's solar rail systems, using them to obtain cryopods with dormant warframes, so that he can sell them to rogue scientists or splinter groups.

This boss is widely infamous to be the weakest boss.

Don't you love when you have bosses that are a carbon-copy of an unit, except worse?

Why It Sucks

  1. Design-wise, The Sergeant is just a recolored Sniper Crewman that is slightly larger, which is kinda lazy.
  2. No unique voice lines like the other bosses has for their own dialogue, but simply has the normal corpus ones.
  3. The boss itself is pathetically easy for the following reasons:
    1. Since he plays like a Sniper Crewman, The Sergeant will attempt to shoot you with a Lanka (a weapon that does high damage, but has travel time).
    2. Instead of deploying Ratels, The Sergeant will use a common flash bang to turn invisible for few seconds, which is kinda underwhelming for a boss.
    3. While The Sergeant is invisible, he can't shoot you. However, he's not invulnerable either, while invisible, so you would just destroy him with barely any effort.
    4. Since he's a corpus unit, weapons that deals Toxin or Gas damage like the Acrid or the Zakti will kill him very quickly, as Toxin damage can bypass shields, and Gas damage will apply Toxin status.
  4. The unit has quicker shield regeneration, but considering that is very fragile, that isn't saying much.
  5. The No Shield effect from Nightmare Mission severely hinders The Sergeant, which is a Corpus (a faction that has mostly Shields than Armor)
  6. This boss comes after Captain Vor, Jackal and Lieutenant Lech Kril, which were more competent bosses, which makes the Sergeant even more pathetic than he was.
  7. Defeating him is unsatysfying.
  8. Even at level 100 during sorties, The Sergeant doesn't provide much of a challenge (except during Augmented Shields condition).
  9. One of the dojo's colour is obtainable only on The Sergeant, with 2000 pigments required to unlock it.

The only Redeeming Quality

  1. You get the parts to create Mag, which is a good Warframe.