The Shamans (MadWorld)

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File:The Shamans.png
Looks like your going to need a bigger collar, that is before facing this overgrown fur-ball.

The Shamans are a group of killseekers who dress up like werewolves and are the bosses of MadWorld, they are first bosses of the Mad Castle area, the third/third-to-last area of the game and overall the seventh boss fights of the game, despite the name, the real boss fight is actually the larger Shaman with white fur instead of black.

these bosses have been generally disliked by many players.

Why They Suck

  1. The Shaman Leader (your main target) is a complete coward and will run off while the Shaman minions gangs up on you (As Jack).
  2. The Shaman minions will gang up on Jack from every angle, this makes it harder to get to the Shaman Leader.
  3. Due to the large arena, you (As Jack) can easily lose track of the Shaman Leader.
  4. Most (if not all) of the Shamans' attacks are hard to avoid, most noticeable when the Shaman Leader does a wheel-like construct roll out attack, not only can it do insane amounts of damage, it also has a huge hit box, even if you are clear to the side when the attack is down, you will get hit.
  5. If you catch up to the Shaman Leader, he will out-of-know were attack very spraticly and very quickly with his claw swipe attacks.
  6. Some of the attacks that the Shamans use can take out larges chunk of health.
  7. The Shaman Leader has quite a bit of health, so it will be a long battle.
  8. The Quick-Time events are horrible broken in this fight, as the Motion censers go rough and will only cooperate when they feel like it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Shamans have really cool designs.
  2. While the battle is annoying, the overall game-play and combat can make this battle a little bit fun.
  3. The finisher for the Shaman Leader is insanely satisfying and actually quite cleaver.
  4. The dialog is once again comedy gold.