The Silver Grove (Warframe)

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The Silver Grove is an optional Quest in Warframe. It is obtained by speaking to Amaryn, after completing The Second Dream, and requires a Mastery Rank 7.

This mission is notorious for being the most boring quest.

Why It Sucks

  1. All you do in this quest is mostly searching for plants, respectively Dusklight Sarracenias, Moonlight Dragonlillies, Sunlight Threshcones, Moonlight Jadeleaves, Ruk's Claws, Lunar Pitchers, Sunlight Jadeleaves, Frostleaves and Vestan Moss.
  2. To get plants, you're forced to scan them with the Codex Scanner. Even worse, if your codex entry of a plant is completed, you're forced to use the Synthesis Scanner.
    1. Speaking of Synthesis Scanner, if you don't own the solar battery widget and run out of them, you're forced to go back to Simaris to buy more for credits.
  3. Searching plants can be difficult for the following reason:
    1. Moonlight Dragonlillies, Sunlight Threshcones, Moonlight Jadeleaves and Sunlight Jadeleaves can only be found on Earth, but during a specific time of the planet (Day or Night), which is annoying, since Earth day/night cycle lasts 4 hours.
      1. Jadeleaves are pretty rare by themselves.
    2. Vestan Moss isn't harder than any other plant to get, but it can be easily mistaken as part of the tile when not looking with a Scanner.
  4. For each Apothic you use, you're forced to fight a guardian, respectively the Loki Knave Specter, the Saryn Orphid Specter and the Oberon Feyarch Specter. Thee fights are however quite easy.
  5. Using an apothic while not starting the mission will waste the item.
  6. Players that sold the apothics's blueprints before DE made those unsellable couldn't get it anymore, aside for submitting a ticket support. This also made it so that some exclusive loot obtainable only through beating the aformentioned specters could not be obtained unless the player got helped by another player or bought them.
  7. After defeating the Feyarch Specter, you are forced to defend the shrine for two minutes. The enemies that appears, however, includes Napalms, Hyekka Masters and Flameblades.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. If you have scanned plants before doing this quest, it will be easier. Experience and past drops will save you a lot of time.
  2. If you own the Solar Battery widget and the Cross-Matrix widget, it will be considerably easier, as they respectively give you infinite uses of the Synthesis Scanner and give a chance to scan twice, which means that you can get two plant drops in a single scan.
  3. The specters can be scanned and used to the Simulacrum.
  4. All the apothics's blueprints are reusable, which is useful if willing to farm the specters.
  5. You get all the pieces required to build Titania, as opposed to only the blueprint like more recent quests.
  6. This quest has a fixed map layout, which makes it creative, like Sands of Inaros.