The Three Mage-Sisters (Kirby: Star Allies)

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A touching reunion.

The Three Mage-Sisters are the secondary antagonists and bosses of Kirby: Star Allies. Each one of them possesses an element, and in the Heroes In Another Dimension Sub-Game, they are the sixth and final bosses of the game. The fight is quite similar to the fights with each of The Three-Mage Sisters in the main story mode, except you are pitted against all three of the Mage-Sisters, aka Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne.

Their shocking difficulty spike together have earned the scorn of many Kirby fans, who think of the team as one of the most arduous bosses in not just the game itself, but in the entire series, though for all the wrong reasons.

Who said Kirby: Star Allies is too easy?

Bad Qualities

  1. What's probably the most infamous part of this boss fight, is that you're fighting not just one, but three bosses at the same time.
    1. If you think that bringing three more allies to fight alongside you will make The Three Mage-Sisters more easier, it won't, as it will just make things become a seizure disco.
  2. Despite this battle being different despite ignoring the others, The Three Mage-Sisters keep all of their attacks in check.
  3. The Three Mage-Sisters have a huge number of devastating attacks that can cut through you and your allies' health fast.
  4. Since you're fighting all of the Three Mage-Sisters, you will be too busy in fighting one of them and end up getting pummeled by the other ones.
  5. Two of the Mage-Sisters, Francisca and Flamberge, possess an attack that can trap you and cause damage.
    1. Francisca has an attack where she will create a large snowflake and launch it. If you, or a partner near you, make contact with it, you will get trapped. Also, Francisca will turn the snowflake into an axe, and throw it. If you're in the snowflake, then you will get thrown and take a ton of damage. On that topic, she also has an attack where she can freeze you and your allies.
    2. Flamberge has an attack where she will enlarge her sword and stab in the ground four times. Each stab will grab rocks that will be thrown. However, you can be caught in that attack as well, and like Francisca, you will receive a ton of damage after being thrown.
  6. Even though the arena you fight in has a large space, it is still really cluttered.
  7. Things get much worse when The Three Mage-Sisters lose half of their HP.
    • To begin with, Flamberge will use the Mega Broiler, which can fire a massive flamethrower in the lower arena; Zan Partizanne will then summon her thunder drums and fire a large lightning beam in the upper arena by throwing her partisan, and after that, Francisca will use her Soda Gun to launch a stream of water in both the bottom and top of the arena.
    • Not only is that attack hard to avoid, but if you get caught by Flamberge's Mega Broiler's flamethrower, not only will you be taking a ton of damage, but you will fly off and run right into Zan Partizanne's lightning beam and then by Francisca's water gun.
    • The worst part is, all the three attacks are very powerful, and can cause over 90% of HP damage. Not even the true final boss was able to do this much damage to the player.
      • Though to be fair, it is because you did get hit by three powerful attacks.
      • Sometimes, if you're not lucky or smart enough to evade all their attacks, two of The Three Mage-Sisters can gang up on you.
  8. The scenario makes no sense, as you fight them after Lord Hyness. That might not sound so confusing, but you must know that in the original story mode, you fight each of the sisters at a time twice, then after the fight with Zan Partzanne, who is the final Mage-Sister, you fight Lord Hyness, who after losing once, uses the Mage-Sisters as clubs, with all of their attacks in check.
    • As Hyness was fought before the three Mage-Sisters this time, with a set of brand new attacks, and the Three Mage-Sisters that just used the same attacks that they used previously, makes you question: Wasn't Hyness supposed to be stronger than The Three Mage-Sisters combined?
      • Despite neglected as you are fighting three bosses at the same time, whiles the story mode you fight the Three Mage-Sisters one by one. In the Heroes In Another Dimension sub-game, you fight Hyness and then you fight the Three Mage-Sisters, keep in mind that you fight Hyness solo while you fight all three of the Mage-Sisters at once afterwards.
  9. Unfortunately, The Three Mage-Sisters reappear in the Soul Melter EX difficulty in The Ultimate Choice as the twelfth boss. Good luck planning to fight them without an ability.
  10. Wasted Potential: The idea of fighting three bosses at the same time is nice, but sadly, the execution is not well.
  11. The FPS slows WAY down about half way through the fight.

Good Qualities

  1. The Three-Mage Sisters only appear together in the Heroes In Another Dimension sub-game and Soul Melter EX.
  2. The designs of The Three Mage-Sisters are pretty cool.
  3. Great music.
  4. The arena where you fight The Three Mage-Sisters is pretty cool.
  5. If you beat The Three Mage-Sisters after collecting 100 hearts or more, you can unlock them in both The Ultimate Choice and Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! sub-game and in the main story mode. The best part? Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne are extremely broken and overpowered, due to a huge moveset and how easy they are to use, so it will probably be worth it.
    • Even better, Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne will benefit King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Dee, Marx, Dark Meta Knight, Susie and all of the hand-held weapon enemies' powers, as they can boost them with ice, fire, water and zap powers.
    • The Three Mage Sisters also have a move called Sister Circle, a variation of the Friend Circle that can wipe out enemies on-screen, which recharges after being used.
    • Not to mention, Zan Partizanne is the most mobile character in the game, as her run is faster, and she flies while holding down the A (Jump) button, like how Marx, Gooey, Adeleine and Ribbon, Daroach, Magolor, Taranza, and Susie fly. This flying is also used by Francisca, but not Flamberge.
  6. To be fair, their difficult fights are needed for an easy game like Kirby Star Allies.


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