Throne II Crash (Nuclear Throne)

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After all this hard work just for the game to crash on the final bosses' second form.

WARNING: This page contains SPOILERS! Scroll down at your own risk.

The Throne II Crash is a glitch that occurs in early versions of Nuclear Throne, which crashes the game when the Throne II intro pops up.


This glitch needs boss intros to be enabled in order to work. You also need to defeat the first final boss (Throne) and destroy 4 of its parts. You will then encounter its second form, Throne II. If boss intros are disabled, the game will continue with no risk. But if boss intros are enabled, the game may crash.

This is not 100% guaranteed to happen, because of the rare chance that this glitch occurs, and this may be triggered by the game being filled with more things than it can handle because IPDP troops are spawned right at the beginning of the level. So upon the Throne II boss intro being triggered, the game cannot handle it, so it crashes. This can also happen when entering the giant portal which leads you to the boss fight, even with boss intros disabled.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Throne II fight is required in order to progress to loop.
  2. Since Nuclear Throne does not have checkpoints because of it's nature, this glitch sends you all the way back to the first level. Fortunately, you will not lose any unlocked characters or weapons.
  3. This game is extremely hard, so reaching up to the Throne II is considered a huge achievement, because not only does it take a long time to master the game, but because Lil' Hunter is the second-hardest enemy in the game, and he's the 3rd pre-loop boss.
  4. This glitch was not patched for months. Only recently was the glitch finally patched.
  5. This glitch can also occur in the I.D.P.D. Captain fight, who is the HARDEST ENEMY IN THE GAME. This can also happen when you defeat her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This glitch was patched in later versions.
  2. This had a rare chance of happening.
  3. This does not happen in Mac and Linux versions of the game, as well as the console versions (PS4 and PS Vita), despite the PS Vita version being referred to as "the glitchiest version."
  4. The Update 99 save corruption was worse than this glitch, as it deleted ALL your save data if you updated the game to U99 and the game failed to load, (To fix this, use alt + delete) leaving you in a blank black screen.