Time Machine (Geometry Dash)

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This is time machine

Time Machine is the 8th level of Geometry Dash which became notorious in Geometry Dash community due to having way too many triple spikes and overall annoying gameplay.

Why It Sucks

  1. This level introduces the infamous "mirror portal" which is very unpopular among the Geometry Dash players. In fact RobTop stopped putting mirror portals in official levels after 1.6 update.
  2. Atrocious coin placement, all 3 of them are hard to get.
  3. You have to jump through 10 triple spikes to pass the level.
  4. There are a few blind jumps you must predict, otherwise you'll get killed without knowing what happened.
  5. The difficuly rating is pretty inaccurate, consider the fact that it's rated as "harder" and gives you 8 stars upon completion, while X-Step, a level that is easier is rated as "insane" and rewards you with 10 stars.
  6. The level has a very chokable ending which can become a major roadblock if you want to complete the level.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The song: "Time Machine" by Waterflame is very good.
  2. Thanks to the level, the song "Time Machine" (along with other Geometry Dash level musics) gained a massive amount of popularity.





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