Time Trial (ToCA Race Driver 3)

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Time Trial is a game mode that appears in the ToCA/GRID series. In ToCA Race Driver 3 requires you to beat the target time in every circuit in an championship discipline in order to get the trophy.

Why This Mode Sucks

  1. Unbalanced difficulty. The rallycross championships (like RA Rally Cross championship, Baja Buggy Shield, 4x4 Monster Truck series etc) and the Go Karting are a breeze to beat the target times while nearly 90% of the rest of the championships available are a massive hell with very tight time targets and tracks with very sharp corners that requires some setups in your car to beat them.
  2. There are no video guides in YouTube or any of that kind meaning that you must cue yourself with your setups and good luck trying to beat the target times.
  3. There's a lot of championships followed by lots of tracks in them which can get incredibly frustrating in order to achieve 100% in the game.


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