Tofu Boy (Super Meat Boy)

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Tofu Boy is a secret character in Super Meat Boy that is unlocked by typing in the code "petaphile". Made to get back at PETA for making a game that portrays Meat Boy in a villainous light, Tofu Boy was made to be the joke character in the game.

Why He Sucks (But In an understandable Way)

  1. Tofu Boy is extremely slow in terms of movement.
  2. Tofu Boy's jumping is abysmal to the point that he can't make gaps that other characters are able to make.
  3. Due to reasons one and two, a majority of the levels are impossible to clear with Tofu Boy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tofu Boy's main reason for even existing in the game is meant to serve as a "Take that" toward PETA.
  2. No matter how long you as Tofu Boy take in clearing a stage with him, the result is always an A+.