Totem Lurantis (Pokémon Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)

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Behold! The Whitney of all Totem Pokémon.

Totem Lurantis or just Lurantis is Totem Pokémon and boss in Pokémon Sun/Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. In both games, Totem Lurantis the final trial to be given to the player by Mallow, she is the forth Totem Pokémon boss and is overall the fifth boss of the game.

Although not as bad as Totem Kommo-o, Totem Lurantis is often considered the most infamous and frustrating boss in the game. It can be as frustrating as Whitney.

Why It Sucks

  1. Just like every other Totem Pokémon, Totem Lurantis gets a state rises, that of course being her Speed raises by two stages once her aura flares to life.
  2. Don't let her Grass typing fool you. She's a massive pain for almost every player in the game.
  3. Totem Lurantis' ability Leaf Guard protects her from status problems in harsh sunlight.
  4. Depend on which game your playing, Totem Lurantis has different moves, but even then, she has three Psychic-type moves and one status move that are a pain, her moveset consists of:
    • Solar Blade: A powerful Grass-type move which is basically a physical Solar Beam. The user charges in the first turn then does massive damage at the next turn. To make matters worse, Lurantis has a Power Herb which skips allows her instantly use the move and during harsh sunlight, it ignores recharging. God forbid if you have a Primarina (or any other Water-type), or Rock and or Ground-type.
    • X-Scissor: A powerful Bug-type move which is a threat to Dark, Grass and Physic users.
    • Razor Leaf (in Sun and Moon): A Grass move which has a high critical hit ratio, and is a counter for Water, Rock and Ground-types.
    • Low Sweep (in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon): A Fighting-move which lowers the speed of the foe once hit. It is a massive threat to Incineroar users (or any other Dark-type Pokémon) and Rock, Normal, Ice and Steel-Type Pokémon.
    • Synthesis: It is perhaps the biggest pain because it heals her.
  5. Totem Lurantis' ally Pokémon in both versions can be super annoying. In Sun and Moon:
    • Totem Lurantis' first ally is Trumbeak which has the ability Keen Eye which prevents accuracy loss. Its moveset consists of two physic moves and two status moves:
      • Rock Blast: A Rock type move that hits the foe 2-5 times. It is a threat to Incineroar users (or any other Fire-Type Pokemon) or Flying, Ice and Bug-type Pokémon. Players are lucky that Trumbeak doesn't have the Skill Link ability which is literally a death sentence.
      • Screech: A Normal-type status move which sharply lowers the foe's defense.
      • Pluck: A Flying-type move that does damage and steals berries from the foes, as well as being a threat for Fighting, Grass and Bug-type Pokémon.
      • Supersonic: A Normal-type status move that confuses the foe.
    • Her next ally Pokémon is Castform. It's much more annoying because its ability Forecast changes its form with the weather. Its moveset consists of:
      • Sunny Day: A move that sets up harsh sunlight for 5 turns. It is an advantage for Fire type users as it raises their power however on the downside, Totem Lurantis has Solar Blade and can do instant damage without recharging.
      • Water Gun: An early Water-type move that is very weak but is steal a threat to Fire, Rock and Ground-type users.
      • Headbutt: A Normal-type move that also causes flinching.
      • Weatherball: A move that changes the type depending on the weather. It does Fire type damage when Sunny Day is activated and as such, is a huge threat for Grass, Bug, Ice and Steel-type Pokémon.
  6. Her ally Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Moon is much more annoying. Her allies are:
    • Her first ally is Keckleon. It's Color Change ability changes it's type same as the move it is hit by. Its moveset consists of:
      • Dizzy Punch: A Normal-type move that may confuse the foe.
      • Sunny Day: Same as Castform.
      • Ancient Power: A Rock type move that is a threat to Incineroar (or any other Fire-Type Pokémon) users, as well as Flying, Bug and Ice-type Pokemon and raises all of Keckleon's stats.
    • Her next Pokémon is the infamous Comfey. However, it's not a good attacker, and it's still a huge pain for a lot of players due to its OP Fairy-type and annoying moves that makes it easier for Lurantis to become a pain. It's moveset consists of healing, defense raising moves and Sunny Day.
  7. If the player has chosen Popplio, they are in worse condition as Water is weak to Grass. Other starters also face troubles with the movesets of their allies.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Totem Lurantis has a great design.
  2. The theme that plays is also really good.
  3. Also defeating her, Mallow, the trial Captain rewards a Grassium Z.


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