Treadnaught (Enter The Gungeon)

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Treadnaught is one of the bosses from the third level of Enter the Gungeon, alongside Cannonbalrog and Mine Flayer. It’s a large tank piloted by a Tanker (a Bullet Kin that uses an AK-47 as a weapon) that was lucky to find it.

Many players considers Treadnaught to be the hardest boss of the Black Powder Mine.

Should you happen to meet him before being strong enough, say goodbye to your progresses.

Why it Sucks

  1. RNG-Based Boss: The Black Powder Mine will either select this boss, Cannonbalrog or Mine Flayer (worst case scenario being Treadnaught itself).
  2. The boss itself is a massive difficulty spike at the early moments (considering that you're starting with weak weapons and barely any passive/active items that is worth).
  3. While is a tradition for bullet hell games to fire a large array of bullets, this boss cranks up the difficulty by firing from the turret and letting the driver fire as well.
  4. Treadnaught fires in a random and unpredictable pattern.
  5. The boss will occasionally use a special attack:
    • Minion Bullet: Treadnaught shoots a bullet in the shape of a Bullet Kin that spawns a Tanker, which can give you massive trouble.
    • Exploding Bullet: Treadnaught shoots a fast bullet that explodes when it comes into contact with an object and can destroy pillars (which while can give you more room, it also gives you less protection to take a breath).
    • Spreading Bullet: Treadnaught shoots a rectangular bullet that splits into many scattered bullets (which are difficult to avoid).
    • Rocket Bullet: Treadnaught fires a homing rocket bullet that bursts into a circle of bullets.
    • Pulse Bomb: Treadnaught fires a large bomb-shaped bullet that releases bullets in small cones around the room and ends with bullets in all directions.
  6. The room you fight Treadnaught has pillars that removes you room to dodge, but at the same time gives you protection.
  7. If you're hit by any of its attack, you cannot obtain the Master Round of Black Powder Mine.
  8. If you die (unless you have the Praise The Gun synergy), you have to restart the whole run.
    • Even if the clone causes you to restart the whole run, it will still keep your items and weapons.
  9. Is one of the bosses that you have to fight during Boss Rush.
  10. Although in RQ#2 the boss got nerfed due to the difficulty, it's still difficult to fight.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good design.
  2. Thankfully, the boss got nerfed by a patch, which is kinda something.
  3. If you happen to have The Bullet's Blasphemy (which removes bullets) or items that can deflect or destroy bullets (such as Potion of Lead Skin or Hungry Bullets), it becomes a cakewalk.