Trial Mountain 30 Laps Vector M12 LM Edition (Gran Turismo 2)

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The Trial Mountain 30 Laps is an Endurance Event in mh:awesomegames:Gran Turismo 2. As the name would suggest, this endurance race consists of 30 laps around the Trial Mountain Circuit.

NOTE: This event covers in the NTSC-U v1.0 due to the fact that there's a bug that one of the opponents result to be a Vector M12 LM Edition despite the event restricted to 295 HP making the event unwinnable.

Why It Sucks

  1. As said above, if you're playing in the NTSC-U v1.0, there's a bug that one of the opponents result to be a 680hp Vector M12 LM Edition with Medium Racing tires despite the event restricted to 295hp just like the Ford GT40 making the event almost unwinnable unless if you use a modified Dodge Concept Car.
  2. The Vector M12 LM Edition due to it's horsepower and racing tires can decimate every rival including you due to being much faster and grippy compared to other rivals.
  3. Even if you use said car, the player should avoid wheelspin and plain pit stops or otherwise you will end up wasting 40 minutes by losing the race.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least with practice and patience mentioned in WIS #3, you can beat without problems.
  2. This bug only occurs in the NTSC v1.0 meaning that in other versions of this game this bug is fixed.
  3. Unlike the Historic Car Cup in Rome Circuit, there are chances that the Vector M12 LM Edition does not appear in the starting grid even in the NTSC v1.0 making the race easy.