True Orochi (Okami)

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Note: Despite True Orochi being almost the same as Orochi, both Orochi and True Orochi are considered as separate bosses.

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How on earth did Capcom get away with repeating the same boss THREE TIMES???

True Orochi is an antagonist and boss fight of Okami, he is the first form of the secondary antagonist, Orochi. He is the main boss of the Moon Cave, which is the third and later seventh level of the game, is the third boss of the third arc of the game, is the eleventh major boss and is overall the seventeenth boss in the entire game.

While the battle with Orochi has been highly praised by fans and critic alike, the battle True Orochi on the other hand has been given a large amount of hate due to its lazyness.

Why He Sucks

  1. Whats proboble the main reason as to why this battle has been hated is the battle style, as it is the exact same boss as Orochi, with no changes at all.
  2. While True Orochi is more difficult then the original Orochi, he is only beef up with Fake Difficulty, as in the only thing that is remotely different is that True Orochi has more health and attack power then the original Orochi, but the thing is, you are most likely stronger due to how much upgrades you have, so you basically have the same difficulty as the original fight with Orochi.
  3. While the fight with True Orochi looks more difficult, it is not, in fact, it is made easier then the original fight with Orochi, due to the fallowing reasons.
    1. You most likely have upgraded your health, meaning that you can take more hits from True Orochi.
    2. You most likely have upgraded your ink pots, allowing you to use your Bush Abilities much more often.
      1. Also you most likely have the Golden Ink Pouch, an item that restore your ink pouch much more faster, so you can use your Brush Abilities with out the need of waiting for a few minitues.
    3. You will most likely have the Fire Tablet, so that means that True Orochi's fire attacks with have to effect on you.
    4. You most likely have more stronger weapons.
      1. Also you most likely have upgraded your weapons with Gold Dust.
    5. During the third arc you will have the new Brush Tecnic Veil Mist, which lets you slow down time, so you can slow down time and not only easy able to avoid True Orochi's attacks, but also get alote of hits on True Orochi.
    6. You most likely have unlocked a skill that lets you uses your weapons up to five times.
    7. You most likely have upgraded Amaterasu’s doudgeing ability, which alows you to damage nearby enemies, so you (As could damage True Orochi as he attemps to bite you (as Amaterasu).
  4. This battle basicly ruins Susano's character with Nagi, for those who don't know Susano is one of the major characters in the game during the first ark of Okami who’s a very funny and likeable guy, but is a shelfish, arrogent coward, infact he was the one he released Orochi as he was tired of everyone compareing him with Nagi, tho despite this, you know that he is still a hero as he teams up with Amaterasu and Issun to saved Kushi (his love intrest), effectivly contering his fear, makeing this one of his greatest moments in the game, with True Orochi, we get the same with Nagi, who we bearly know about other then he is Susano's antsaser.
  5. To add insait to injury, you refight True Orochi again in the Ark of Yamato, which isn't that far after the fight with True Orochi preveiously.
  6. Complete wasted potiantal, True Orochi was ment to be Orochi 100 years ago but much stronger, so you would think that True Orochi will have more attacks and be more challanging, but alas, that wasn't the case.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The song that plays during the fight with True Orochi is awesome, even if it is the same track that plays during the fight with Orochi.