Tutorial (Driver)

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Tutorial (also known as Training Mission and Test Drive) is the first level of Driver. Players need to complete a list of car tricks to impress the gangsters. This level is infamous for its high difficulty, especially due to being the game's first level in the Undercover Mode.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game doesn't give you ANY instructions of how to do any of the tricks.
  2. The time limit gives you only a minute to do everything.
  3. You cannot crash with anything. Crash 4 times and you must start all over again.
  4. The area is short that you'll ended up crashing into the walls or parked cars.
  5. Considered that it was a TUTORIAL mission which is supposed to teach new players, instead it was way too hard even compared to later levels.


  • In Driver: San Francisco if you reach 88 mph (141 km/h) with the DeLorean DMC-12, unlocks the Blast of the Past challenge which the objectives are the same from the first mission making a clear reference to the Back to the Future series.