Ultra Necrozma (Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)

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And you thought Totem Kommo-o was brutal. This is also a good way to use Zoroark.

Ultra Necrozma is Necrozma's third and strongest form that was introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, and a boss fight in the game. It is the main boss of Megalo Tower from the Ultra Megalopolis, the ninth Pokémon boss character and overall the twelfth boss of the game.

Though not as frustrating as Akio Asakura's final boss battle in Wangan Midnight R, this boss fight is notorious for its infamous difficulty spike. As it is not only the hardest boss in the games, but it is considered to be the hardest boss battle of the entire series.

Why It Sucks As a Boss

  1. Being in its strongest form as a boss, Necrozma itself is notoriously difficult to even lay a hit on it, as it has ridiculous Physical Attacks, Special Attacks and Speed that allow it to outspeed and defeat your Pokémon in one hit.
  2. Like the totem Pokémon (such as Mimikyu and Kommo-o), Ultra Necrozma has an Aura that increases all its stats by one stage.
  3. Ultra Necrozma's ability, called Neuroforce (which deals even more damage should the move be super effective) can make sure your Pokémon never survive the attacks, should they are not equipped with a Focus Sash.
  4. Ultra Necrozma has three special moves and has a physical move that are overpowered:
    1. Photon Geyser, its signature move, is destructive, as it can switch to physical or special attack, based on its attack and special attack. It's also a psychic-type move, so fighting-type and poison-type Pokémon, or Pokémon that has a fragile defense or special defense are doomed.
      • The effect of Photon Geyser can also affect Counter, Mirror Coat, Reflect, Light Screen, the Kee Berry and the Maranga Berry, depending on which attack stat is higher, so if you happen to use one of them, to then discover that the attack's type changed, you're screwed.
    2. Dragon Pulse is a destructive counter for dragon-type Pokémon. And because Ultra Necrozma is a Dragon-Type Pokémon itself (which means it gets a STAB), as well as his ability, Neuroforce, can annihilate any Dragon-Type Pokémon you have in your team.
    3. Smart Strike is a Steel-type move. And other than being a nuisance to Ice, Rock and Fairy-Type Pokémon, the part that makes the move extremely annoying, is that Smart Strike Bypasses Accuracy check (never misses).
    4. Power Gem is a Rock-type move, aside from being a threat to Bug, Fire, Flying and also Ice types as well, it can be destructive if you chose Litten and hoped that when evolved into Incineroar, you could use a Dark-Type move to defeat it.
  5. Ultra Necrozma is at Level 60, which is six levels higher than Hapu's strongest Pokémon in her Grand Trial and at the time, six levels lower from the level where your Pokémon that you spent your time breeding from previous game starts to ignore your order, before you took on the aforementioned Grand Trial.
  6. The worst part is, if you lose to Ultra Necrozma, not only will you to lose 3,136 Poké Dollars for every time you lose to it, but you will also find yourself back at Seafolk Village's Pokémon Center since they are none in the Ultra Megalopolis or even a person to heal for you! So that means that you have to track all the way back to the area to go to that wormhole and fight Ultra Necrozma, and to make matters at its worst, you have to go through a boat-load of unskippable cutscenes, with how much it takes to get there, as well as the unskippable cutscenes, this means you have to go through a whopping fifteen minutes (may take less time if you use Charizard glide) long slag just to fight Ultra Necrozma again! Not even losing to Whitney and Ghetsis was this punishing.
  7. And to think you could skip this fight with a Master Ball? Well tough luck, because Nebby is still merged with it. You have to defeat Ultra Necrozma as it is obligatory to progress in the story!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great boss music.
  2. Ultra Necrozma has a really awesome design.
  3. Defeating it rewards you with a Poipole (a Poison-Type Ultra Beast that can evolve) and if you don't want it, you can come back later to pick it up in Ultra Megalopolis and especially if you wanna to soft reset for its Shiny form.
  4. Ultra Necrozma can be used during battles if one has a Necrozma merged with Solgaleo/Lunala.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Try finding a Pokémon with the ability Sturdy and teach it toxic so that Necrozma will faint in a matter of 5 turns should you stock up on Max Potions.
  2. Get lots of potions and revives, since you're gonna need it.
  3. If you think that you are about to lose, restart the game right now, as if saved right before the fight to Ultra Necrozma, you will restart to that area, and you won't lose any Poké Dollars.
  4. If you have Ferroseed or its evolved form Ferrothorn from the older games, bring it over to Ultra Sun/Moon through the Poké Bank; its Grass/Steel type resists all four of Necrozma's attacks, and its base 74 HP, coupled with its base 116 Special Defense should help survivability. Having Iron Barbs helps against Necrozma's Smart Strike, too.
    • Using X Defense and X Sp.Def should improve survivability even further and X attack should deal more physical damage should you use Gyro Ball.
  5. If you have a Zorua or Zoroark, you can bring out the mid-50s/low 60s level Zoroark, and disguise it as a Pokémon that is weak to Psychic-type moves, as those moves do not deal any damage to dark types. Due to this, the Necrozma will keep using Photon Geyser, which will trick Ultra Necrozma into KOing the Pokémon that the Zoroark disguises as.
  6. If you have Mimikyu, it's a good bet. Mimikyu's Fairy type means that Dragon moves don't hurt it, its Disguise ability means it can take one hard hit without being hurt at all, and any STAB moves it can use will be super-effective against Necrozma.


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