Underwater Missions

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Underwater Missions are missions that take place mostly under water. They became notorious for the problems that afflict most of them.

Why They Suck

  1. In most missions, the player has a limited oxygen supply, and thus a strict time limit (although the game usually doesn't tell it to the player). Ironically, the characters move very slowly, making tedious to get to the end.
  2. The physics under water are different from the physics on the ground, which needs the player to adapt to the new movement and controls.
  3. Most of the aforementioned features discourage exploration due to the strict time limit and the sluggish movements.


  1. The Labyrinth Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog): This level undoes the nature itself of Sonic games, a high-speed platformer game, as Sonic moves too slowly under water, and his oxygen supply is quite low. Thankfully it's possible to regain oxygen by finding air bubbles scattered around the level.
  2. Water Temple (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time): The core mechanic of this dungeon involves raising and lowering the water to access areas otherwise impossible to reach. However, this dungeon's complicated maze-like structure, frequent locked doors, Link being able to use only the Hookshot under water, and being unable to understand how changing the water level affects the map of this dungeon.
  3. Atlantica (Kingdom Hearts II): In the first game, this stage wasn't that hard. In Kingdom Hearts II, though you just need to sing a couple of songs in a series of easy and unsatisfying Quick-Time Events.
  4. Dam (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NES): You only have 2 minutes and 20 seconds to disarm eight bombs underwater. During this time, the player has to swim through electrified corals, instant death seaweed and other hazards. If the player fails and the bombs go off, it's an immediate game over, regardless of how many turtles they had remaining. Thankfully, if the player loses a turtle in this section, the bombs don't reset.
  5. Uranus (Warframe): There are some parts from the missions that has water, and forces you to go on Archwing. Unlike the archwing missions, your speed in your archwing is slower, even thought your oxygen is infinite. Also, Uranus's missions, aside from Dark Sectors, Interception and Defense missions, requires the player to own an Archwing (although completing the quest where a player acquires their first Archwing is one of the requirements to access a previous planet - as long as they didn't sell it in the span of a few hours, this is a non-issue). It should also be noted that underwater parts on some missions are short and enemies aren't threatening. There is however a big plus for Uranus' archwing missions - these kind of missions can drop Tellurium, a rare resource, even if you're not fighting underwater. A similar situation occurs in the Kuva Fortress.
  6. Aquas (Star Fox 64): Instead of piloting an Arwing like you do in the other levels, you are put into a slow moving submarine.