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"I had played this game since I was 6 years old in 2011, ten years later, I tried to bring my memories back, but having mental ill because of the A.I." AlvaroNovaes-BR


"Otherwise it'd be sat there rotting amongst the many other games I never ever finish." ― x2i, Sonic Surf's page description.


Sonic Smash Brothers BETA is a 2008 crossover fighting game made by x2i and published on Newgrounds, it focuses of combining the Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Smash Bros. together, the game shares alot of elements from Super Smash Flash and many Sonic games (like Sonic 06), the game was created and programmed with Adobe Flash.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem, it that the game lacks various sources from Super Smash Flash and the official games, despite being made in 2007 and inspired from the Super Smash Bros. franchise, the game feels incomplete when comparing content to its major competitors.
    • At the game's menu where it offers features and options, doesn't include staples modes like 2-player mode (althrough there's a 1 VS 3 mode in 1-P mode), target test and even Classic mode.
    • There's no option for two players unlike in Super Smash Flash, despite the game only has two buttons to take action, this also dissapoints many people who like play with other people, leaving no point to show a HMN or CPU tabber.
  2. When the game's version was a beta build, it never got finished according the game's development, in the Sonic Surf Newgrounds page, the creator mentioned that he abandoned the making of his game, understading the game's failed cycle, also, there a large amount of flaws the game.
  3. Its controls, while easier to use than in Super Smash Flash, are much inferior, the game's moveset has a limited use of attacks and stratregies, you can't attack up while standing (because of that, it was the cause of the jump button being mapped on the Up Arrow instead of putting on another key), you can only attack while on the air, also, it doesn't have block button, you have to crouch and hold the attack button (see below to read more of the flaw), not mention that the attacks has a full-second delay to attack again.
  4. The physics, are weird and unresponsive, it's very similar to Super Smash Flash, the lack of hitboxes, makes the damage output outraises to a jaw-dropping number% with just one basic attack, most of the physics decreases your damping manner, like how light was the physics having a ultra-speedy knockback in Super Smash Flash, the physics of this game are much heavier, which makes more difficult and frustrating to knockout a opponent more than 200% of damage, the knockback triggers more to the vertical rather than the horizontal, with the floaty gravity, it's much easier to get knockout, because the falling speed is very slow, one more thing is that nearly every horizontal attack lauches you up (even you're above of them, you're going to get stunlocked), which doesn't make any sense, this was also applies to the A.I. too. Most in cases, the attack range of the characters are unbeliavable bad, from weak as paper to durable as titanium, for example; Tails' attacks are very weak that only gives less than 30%, while other characters gives much more than that, also not to mention that Tails is very easy to get KO'ed than every other character in the game, which makes Tails the worst fighter in this game, even Tails in the Super Smash Flash games was more powerful than this one.
    • Some stages have glitchy collision detection, whatever you move or fall, rare occasions will make you fall through the floor and lose a life, this is very infuriating, because some challenges require ridiculous tasks to survive from avoid getting KO'ed by CPUs in order to unlock a character/stage/mode.
      • If you get launched too high (even nearly touching the death barrier), you will fall very fast and clip through the ground, getting KO'ed or else try to jump before passing the floor level (beware if your jump limits are either one or two, flyable characters are a breeze to survive the fall).
  5. The A.I. is inhuman, ruthful and extremely horrible, they're terribly programmed as unbeliavable, from some cases that cause intensive rage and other times that makes you laugh to death, most of the case makes the game from fun and challenging to frustating and difficult, a perfect example of terrible rubber banding is when a CPU can damage you when he attacks at the same time as you attacked (even predicting will not pass the advantage from getting damaged), for other cases, this can be a completely nightmare to fighters like Amy Rose, Knuckles, Cream and Tikal, when using the weakest fighter like Tails (which he gives pathetic amount of damage and also a pushover for most fighters in the game), you'll be extremely unlucky and lose many lives as possible.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite it's poorly balanced and unfairly difficult, it can be pretty fun and enjoyable for some experienced players, if you/they can play well, you can play/complete the game without having many problems (exception for those who play as Tails), the best fighter in the game is Super Sonic, since his attacks are very great and gives a good amount of damage, despite he takes alot of knockback damage, he's still awesome, some tricks and strategies can help you to successed.
  2. The soundtrack is phenomenal and wonderful, althrough some of them are ripped from Sonic 06, mh:awesomegames:Sonic Adventure 2, mh:awesomegames:Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, also others are fan-made remixes from the Original Sonic trilogy, they sound very great especially with the arrangements such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven album.