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Type: Random sound depending on location
Appearance: Minecraft: Java Edition
Minecraft Bedrock
Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
Franchise: Minecraft

Cave sounds are ambience sounds in Minecraft that are heard in dark areas depending the light level you are at. There 19 different ambience sounds about this theme, not also counting the underwater and Nether ambience, as they're similar to the cave sounds of Minecraft.


Both Single-player and Multiplayer, whatever if a player is inside/close from a dark area, the mood algorithm updates the coordinates and triggers it, when the 5-minute cooldown is expired, plays it a random cave sound. By this simplified algorithm, explains how the process occurs.

    tickDelay = 6000
    maxLightLevel = 15
    block = select a random block in a 17×17×17 block cube centered around the player
    skyLight = block.getSkyLightLevel()

    if (skyLight > 0):
        mood = mood - (skyLight / maxLightLevel) * 0.015
        blockLight = block.getBlockLightLevel()
        mood = mood - (blockLight - 1) / tickDelay
    if (mood ≥ 1.0):
        mood = 0.0
    else if (mood < 0):
        mood = 0.0

Cave sounds can play anywhere in all dimensions, from Overworld and The End. except the Nether starting from 1.16 version due the Nether ambience replacing the normal cave sounds. However, if another player heard a cave sound, other players can't hear it, until their chance occur later.

Cave sounds does not indicate any presence of entities around you, they behave only for the location's light level.

Why They Suck

  1. The main problem, is that they're incredibly creepy and disturbing, it sounds very unnatural and out of place, from unexpected moments, this can scare several players.
    • The sounds are so disturbing, it can traumatize a player, causing periodic nightmares or even cause mental problems.
      • It doesn't help that AlvaroNovaes-BR, the admin of this wiki. Since cave sounds are his biggest phobia, he had several nightmares for years since 2014, he claimed that he got these nightmares even to this day and for the rest of his entire life.
    • Not just normal players, but also YouTubers and speedrunners have fear of it.
      • FaZe Jev heard the cave4.ogg during he was in the forest, it changed his reaction, but until he touched the Sweet berry bush, he got a heart attack and started to scream. Not to mentioned later on, he got freaked out when heard the cave6.ogg and cave10.ogg when he was inside to untorched caves.
      • twomad 360 heard the cave14.ogg below his house while mining, he panicked, talking to the chat he's willing to close the game and not play anymore.
      • 8-BitRyan heard the cave17.ogg while was on a cave with torches and complained that is "true horror".
      • jacksepticeeye heard the cave19.ogg walking down the hill, much later on, he heard the cave6.ogg while cutting a tree.
      • PewDiePie heard the cave13.ogg shortly after starting a new world, much later, he heard the cave14.ogg while walking on a every enlighted cave.
      • Ambussshking heard the cave14.ogg while mining the underground with his friends, he got a strong reaction about the noise sounding like a "Xenomorph" from Aliens.
      • Because of this, there's an entire video showing players reacting to these sounds how scary can be.
    • Even people who love horror games are creeped out of these.
      • CoryxKenshin, a YouTuber that he mostly oriented to horror in general, he got creeped out about hearing the cave sounds several times, over there and there.
    • Most of these sounds doesn't qualify any relief to calm down, they're nothing, but to stress you even more.
      • cave1.ogg sounds too ghostly.
      • cave2.ogg reduces your chill factor.
      • cave3.ogg rumbles your heart.
      • cave4.ogg is too nightmare-fuel and terrifying.
      • cave5.ogg paralyzes your spine.
      • cave6.ogg increases your temperature.
      • cave7.ogg silences your memory.
      • cave8.ogg takes you to obsolute caution.
      • cave9.ogg hurts the ears a little.
      • cave10.ogg jumpscares you.
      • cave11.ogg sounds like someone is chasing you or a unexpected ocean.
      • cave12.ogg is a bell that plays deeply dark.
      • cave13.ogg is a frightning roar that comes from nowhere.
      • cave14.ogg sounds like a corrupted robot
      • cave15.ogg creeps you out.
      • cave16.ogg sounds like a minecart coming, but no related entity exists there, just to spook you.
      • cave17.ogg sounds similar the GTA V's wasted sound effect.
      • cave18.ogg awakes the ears in a bad way.
      • cave19.ogg gives a major heart attack, where one it's of the most scary cave sounds outcharting all of them.
  2. Everytime you approach a dark area, you will those sounds no matter what specific location or biome you're at, if there's a wall where behind is dark, expect the incoming noise scare you away.
    • If you're afraid of them, this will be pretty hard to wander into dark areas and place torches from 4 blocks away.
  3. In The End dimension, cave sounds play more frequently about every 3 or 5 minutes than it does in Overworld.
  4. When putting cave14.ogg on spectrogram viewer, you'll see a macabre and utterly disturbing image of Creeper face (as shown above).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thankfully, due how horrific are these sounds peform, you turn it off via the Sound Settings.
  2. Starting from The Nether Update (1.16), the cave sounds are now absent in that dimension, replacing it instead with new ambience that are less scarier than the usual ones.
  3. Despite terrifying, this is a crucial way to find caves, since in Peaceful difficulty, monsters never appear, which makes very hard to find caves or dark areas, hearing it, there's a cave nearby you.