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Gimmicky Achievements

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Just because its a super insane requirement doesn't make it a rewarding achievement at all.

Achievements are a type of feature that tracks a certain event a player has done. However, some developers have tried to take achievements a step further and elongate the amount of effort needed to get them and to achieve 100% completion. As a result, we get some achievements that try to be challengeing and hard to get but then become tedious and require insane luck to pull off. Because of this, it is almost impossible to 100% completion on these games and very tempting to even try to complete this.

Examples of Gimmicky Achievements

  • Team Fortress 2.
    • Mutually Airsured Destruction - Be killed by a Soldier who was rocket jumping and shot you with a launcher while you are doing the same and that your rocket must also kill your assailant. This achievement is very gimmicky as it requires a rare situation to happen, the coordination, skill and luck needed to execute and that the map must be specified as well.
    • Full Spectrum Warrior - Ignite three players with your Rainblower taunt. While it sounds easy on paper, the game however specifies that the victims must be burnt alive and not killed by the taunt, this taunt deals 400 to 200 damage so you need players who have that large amount of health.
    • Blockbuster - Achieve 100,000 views on your replay. The problem with these achievements is that they are linked to Youtube and that you must own an account. Why is it mandatory to even own a Youtube account just to show clips that hopefully will gain a significant view count in your game? Just the idea of having uploading a replay clip onto an external site. Not a whole lot of TF2 players are youtubers themselves. This should've been a Youtube achievement instead of TF2. Even worse is that these achievements are now impossible to obtain legitmately as they are broken from updates.
  • Yes, I am the real garry! (Garry's Mod) - Meet the actual creator of the game Garry Newman in the same server. However, due to the developer not being very active in that game, its close to impossible to obtain.
  • Arbalistic (Minecraft) - Kill 5 unique mobs with a crossbow. Because of the overly specific requirements, it can be a bit luck based as it requires you to get 5 unique mobs and hit them with a single crossbow shot which has to be enchanted with a piercing.
  • Star Trader (Minecraft) - Trade with a villager over the height limit in minecraft.
  • 90 Day Streak (World of Guns: Gun Disassembly) - Complete daily puzzles in 90 days without making a mistake. Trying to do 90 tasks in 3 months is just too dedicated for an achievement not to mention you must do it without a mistake in which if that happens, you must start from day 1.
  • The Bladder of Steel Award (Rock Band 2) - Play all 84 songs in a single session without pausing or failure.
  • Showoff (TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan) - Mikey must make a finishing pose while defeating a boss and to do it he must do a co-op move with all his teammates while they do it and you have to screenshot that pose Mikey does.
  • My Kung Fu is Stronger (Mortal Kombat 2011) - Perform 150 X-Ray moves, 100 fatalities or brutalities, win 100 matches, spill 10,000 pints (4732 litres) of blood and dedicate 24 hours on that character. This has to be done to all 28 playable characters!
  • World's Finest (Injustice) - Complete all S.T.A.R. Lab missions with 3 stars. This may not sound hard but there are a total of 240 of these missions (10 for each character) and they are demanding when it comes to skill if you want that 3 star rank.
  • Ms Perfect (Mega Man 10) - Do not get hit at all in one entire playthrough.
  • Emperor (Elder Scrolls Online) - Become the top player 1# in this online multiplayer game.

Why They Aren't Worth Achieveing

  1. While it is a way to make getting a 100% completion satisfiying, some of these achievements feel like filler and aren't that accomplishing at times with their complex requirements.
    • Achievements that you earn if you beat a game on hardest difficulty are acceptable as it verifies that a player has completed that mode. But contrast to this, achievements that require grinding for chance aren't as rewarding as it just means a player has did that random event.
  2. Some are luck based and require numerous attempts just to find it. Having to get an achievement based on a certain rare chance is sometimes unfun for completionists.
  3. On the subject of secret achievements, some aren't really much of a secret and didn't really need to achievements since they are just based on specific moments that normally don't happen. For example: the Showoff achievement's requirements are obscure to obtain and nobody would know that you could get a reward for that and that rewarding players for even trying this isn't valuable.
  4. For the ones that require seriously large amount of time to achieve, these ones get stale since many of them tend to have inflated length to complete the task which becomes a chore quickly and only serves to pad out the achievement and force hours of playtime. The 90 day streak from WoG is an example as 90 days without making a mistake feels lengthy when it could've reduced to 30 days or less.
    • This can be potentially unhealthy as well with the Bladder of Steel Award requiring no room for breaks, you must play the entire tracks in one go!
  5. Some achievements require you to be in a certain date in real time.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It does make sense for some achievements to be put into difficult situations as it does show that the player has at least done that hard task or had encountered a rare event. Buts its tedious if it has to be done through overly specific requirements.