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In the Various Visuals update, there were so much changes, the lighting in-game, the animations, new 22 contracts... etc.

But there is so much things to criticize about the new 22 contracts, and believe me, Typical Colors 2 players would have expected better...

Well, let's head into these contracts, and why are these new missions so criticized.

Bad Qualities 2:

  1. The main problem about these 22 new missions, is that these contracts were poorly executed for the reasons below.
  2. The contracts have Unbalanced Difficulty, they range from being Easy, to just being Extremely Hard, or from being just time consuming, and the descriptions of the Contracts do not even help.
  3. And, that's not all, if you thought that completing these missions, would get ya a good reward, think again, because the Rewards are ONLY 60 FUNDS, WHICH IS NOT ONLY NOT EVEN WORTH IT, BUT IT'S A MIDDLE FINGER TO YOUR HARD WORK, and worse, Crates cost 100 Funds now, so, the reward is plain useless, depending on your view.
  4. The contracts were full of bugs, where your work did not even count, or just plain you can't turn em for your underwhelming reward.
  5. As BQ#4 said, the contracts were full of bugs at launch, meaning that some contracts were impossible to complete, for example, in the Invigorating Individual contract, the objective of Assisting in Killing 40 individuals, was broken, and it did not count your progress, so the mission was impossible to do, as said above.
  6. For these reasons, New Players can have a hard time doing these missions, and even expert players could have a hard time to do these missions, and to make things worse, as WIS#3 said, the rewards are not even worth it, so... it's just sad to see that your hard work gets payed with a literal screw you.

Good Qualities 2:

  1. The developers of the game are trying to do their best to fix the broken contracts, so it's nice to see that the horrible bugs are fixed.
  2. The idea of making Challenging Contracts was good on paper, but it was poorly executed, as we can see on BQ.
  3. Doing maths from here, you can get 1320 funds, so the rewards can be just good, depending on your point of view.
  4. Some contracts can be easy to do, and they are not time consuming, like the Demolition and Destruction contract, as said on BQ#2.
  5. They are optional, so you decide if you can do the contracts, or not.
  6. You get 10 Tokens for completing all 22 missions on total, but they do not have any use right now, it may serve off as a type of Currency.