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"Challenge Series #50" is the 50th event in the "Challenge Series" of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It is the 10th and final event in the "Challenge Series" which involves using traffic or police vehicles.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's a big difficulty spike in the entire Challenge Series.
  2. The cement truck is, without a doubt, the worst car in the entire game, as it handles like a brick, has sluggish top speed and acceleration (although it's justified due to being a truck), weak nitrous that runs out very quickly, can get pushed around by cop cars despite in theory being heavier than them, and it can easily flip over, which may lead to the player getting busted if the truck doesn't reset its position. Even the garbage truck in Challenge Series #46 (cause $100,000 cost to state) handled better than the cement truck.
  3. If you take too long, you'll reach Heat Level 4, at which point the cement truck becomes extremely impractical, and it's nearly impossible to evade the police due to police helicopters showing up at this heat level.
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