Quick Man (Mega Man 2)

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Quick Man
Now you know why he's called "Quick Man".
Type: Level/Boss
Appearance: mh:awesomegames:Mega Man 2
Franchise: Mega Man
Previous Level: Flash Man
Next Level: Metal Man or Bubble Man

Quick Man is one of the 8 Robot Masters of Mega Man 2. His stage is notable for being frustrating due to the insta-kill laser beams, while Quick Man himself is known for a particularly difficult boss fight.

Why They Both Suck

  1. The stage is very infamous for containing lots of laser beams that zip across the screen and kill Mega Man instantly if he touches one. While the first laser part may be easy, and contains some power-ups, the second part is much longer and requires good reflexes to get through.
    • Having Flash Man's weapon, the Time Stopper, will somewhat mitigate the difficulty, but then Mega Man will probably waste it all before getting to Quick Man, as Time Stopper also happens to be one of his two weaknesses, the other being Crash Bomber, Crash Man's weapon, this means if you use the Time Stopper to freeze the lasers, you’ll have to save the Crash Bomber for Quick Man.
  2. Unlike in Heat Man's stage, there's no reliable way to farm for ammo if Mega Man runs out of Time Stopper ammo.
  3. Near the end of the level, after the lasers, Mega Man must get through two Sniper Armors, which take an absurd amount of damage and can easily kill Mega Man. Even then, it's sometimes possible to accidentally make those enemies respawn.
  4. Quick Man himself is no pushover when Mega Man gets to him. True to his name, Quick Man is incredibly fast, and can damage Mega Man either by running into him or firing off boomerangs that home in on him.
  5. Both of Quick Man's weaknesses, Time Stopper and Crash Bomber, are rather ineffective. While Time Stopper freezes Quick Man in place, it only drains about half of his health with full ammo. Meanwhile, the Crash Bomber, while dealing good damage to Quick Man, is slow and very inefficient.
    1. The Air Shooter can also hit him when he jumps upward, and the three tornadoes can be triple-stacked at point-blank range for a total of 6 damage per shot.
    2. Like Air Man, Heat Man, and Crash Man, he takes 2 points of damage from a Buster shot on the Japanese/Difficult mode (4 on the US and EU-exclusive Normal mode) as opposed to the standard 1.
  6. For some reason, Quick Man's level made its way into the Game Gear Mega Man game as a Wily Stage (but without Quick Man), and later on, it returned in mh:awesomegames:Mega Man X5 as the first Zero Space stage, this time, with even more lasers!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is pretty epic, and fitting with the fast-paced vibe of the level.
  2. Quick Man has a cool design, and his weapon, the Quick Boomerang, is pretty useful.
  3. The Wily Wars can make the Quick Man boss fight easier as the optimization issues render him much slower and in turn, easier to contend with, but Quick Man no longer takes 2 points of damage from a Buster shot, only 1.


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