Search Party (Super Mario Bros. Wonder)

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It sure makes anyone wonder where are those tokens, get it? Well then...

Search Party are a type of optional levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder (2023) for Nintendo Switch available in World 2: Puzzling Park, World 3: An Empty Park?, World 4: Pipe Park and World 6: Item Park, all of them feature 5 Wonder Tokens which collected reveals a Wonder Seed.

Downward Qualities

NOTE: All the pointers mostly focus on the first single player experience of the levels!

  1. It's easy to notice that those levels were made with local or online multiplayer in mind, as for single player those may be boring to find Wonder Tokens.
  2. Easily the worst ones are the levels with invisible blocks, while some characters make some of them visible (except for large ones), those still can be in weird locations like Puzzling Park's second Wonder Token.
  3. Same can't be said for the large invisible blocks in An Empty Park, this one level doesn't feel much different than finding invisible blocks to continue a level in Super Mario Bros. 2 (TLL) or an unwanted Super Mario Maker level.
    • Player may also lose a life if failing down bellow even if it's a vertical level
  4. It may end up in guessing where a Wonder Token is like with invisible blocks or trying to find the correct pipe.
  5. While probably intentional as it doesn't limit to just this level, Yoshi (green, red, yellow or blue) and Nabbit can't even try Item Park as it requires the Power-Ups.

Wonderful Qualities

  1. Playing the levels in local or online multiplayer might result in a better experience.
  2. As mentioned in DQ#2, characters may reveal nearby invisible blocks.
  3. The Pipe Park (for the most part) and Item Park levels are actually creative.


List of characters which reveals invisible blocks in the levels:

Puzzling Park:

  • Wonder Token 1

Nabbit [5 blocks]

Princess Peach [4 blocks]

Yellow Toad / Ala Gold [3 blocks]

  • Wonder Token 2

Yellow Toad / Ala Gold

  • Wonder Token 5


Pipe Park:

  • Wonder Token 4

Blue Toad / Blue Berry

Item Park:

  • Wonder Token 1

Princess Daisy

  • Wonder Token 3